Mail? Mail. MAIL?!?!

I am expecting a lot of mail. This is why it is not good to order a bunch of stuff when worried about people in the hospital, but I do like goodies in the mail.

Yume Twins box appartly shipped at the end of September but the email said to not expect it until October 20-28th, so that is approximately now.

Pusheen Box shipped a few days ago so that should show up soon.

Haven’t heard from Q Box, but their website says the October Q Box and the Halloween Box should be shipped the 20th and shipping to the US is 5-7 days. That should also be soon.

I ordered stuff from Etude House and used free shipping (there were also coupons involved), but no email saying anything has shipped and I have a tracking number but no idea where to use it (USPS doesn’t recognize it). Ha ha I will just be patient then…

But here is something else wacky!

SO for November, the Doki Doki theme is Kawaii Cafe (might be a winner, since the Sweets box earlier this year was a hit with me at least), and not sure if the Yume Twins boxes have themes (since I still haven’t gotten one yet).


I saw these ads on Facebook cause I have an acquaintance who liked these on Facebook (I do my best to keep my anime nerdness off Facebook these days, and this means curating what I like, especially after someone asked me about the lolita dresses on Facebook once. Yikes) and I had to do a double take.

So this means I need to subscribe to these in November and see if I get the same damn keychain from both boxes.

This is actually a Sailormoon Rement series I was not fond of, and since it is making the rounds in subscription boxes, I bet it wasn’t popular.

I tried to call out both Doki Doki and Yume Twins on twitter about this, just to see if there was a response, but nah. Doki Doki just liked my tweet and moved on. OKAY THEN :] I’m excited to see what happens with this.


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