Fall 2016 Pusheen Box

As of this box, I have completed a whole year of Pusheen boxes (so 4).  My final conclusion is that this is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING WORTH IT. I am going to continue with Pusheen boxes because they are always awesome. This box might be my favorite yet!

The box this time is purple and has little wings…

That is because this season’s figure is a BAT PUSHEEN. It’s so cute! MerPusheen is still cuter, but I like this.

I also got a pullover shirt. It’s HUGE and looks super comfy.  I feel like it will make excellent pajamas or ‘just lounging around the house and drinking tea in the midst of winter’ attire. Speaking of tea…

AHHHHHHH IT’S A TEACUP.°˖✧∩(◎ヮ◎∩)✧˖° The saucer looks like a basket (or the top of an apple pie) and the cup has Pusheen and some apples. This is a proper tea cup. Don’t microwave, don’t put in the dishwasher. I don’t know how apparent this is, but I love tea, and I love teaware. When I was an undergraduate, I was super excited to get my own set of dishes (I ended up getting some okay ones from Target clearance, but they lasted all college) and would regularly acquire more tea cups and mugs for drinking tea. At this point in my life, since I am living in my mother’s house full of her dishes, I try to not buy more tea cups.  Sometimes I fail, and so this will probably be used a few times and then stashed away or put on display and saved for special tea drinking moments. But man, if PusheenBox had not already won my heart, this is the Cupid’s Arrow that has made me decide to give them money as long as I can.

Cute stationary types of things! There is a cute holographic notebook, which I took a short video of. Pretty average little notebook, but I love notebooks. Also, here we have sticky notes, a pen and some silicon coasters. At first I though they were silicon pot holders, but they are way too small for that. The pen is a normal ball point pen, but the ink flows nicely. It has a little Pusheen charm attached, which I think I’ll remove since it swings around in the way when writing.

A few weeks ago, my Boss’s wife mentioned she had to get a key from one of my desk drawers (this is not an invasion of privacy, because the only reason I have that particular key is for when my Boss and/or his wife forget or lose their copy of the key), and she made a joke about how I need some grumpy cat sticky notes to put in the drawer as to shame people when they have to get into it. I think Pusheen sticky notes will do

LOL here we have some clip-in cat ears and a cat tail. I already have my Halloween costume planned, but this is a good backup. I’m sure the Pusheen tag on instagram will be filled with people in this costume.

While opening the box, I smelled a nice smell. Turns out to be this pumpkin air freshner. I am not a fan of pumpkin flavor or smell, but this isn’t too bad.  I don’t think I want to put it in my car, and I’m not sure what else to do with it.

The pullover and the teacup make this box easily worth more than the $50 (this being the box plus shipping) I paid for it. Like I mentioned, I intend on buying the winter (and spring and summer) boxes in the future. As for next fall…ideally I will buy that one too. But it depends on moving and graduating and all that jazz. I worry slightly that being subscribed for too long will cause me to have an overabundance of Pusheen merchandise. Have you ever seen the website Hello Kitty Hell? It hasn’t updated in a long time, but it’s pretty much a guy whose wife was obsessed with Hello Kitty and so they had a ton of HK stuff and then it eventually became a site to list all the bizarre HK products.  ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Should I be worried about accidentally creating a Pusheen hell? Or maybe Tasty Peach Studio Meowchi Hell? I suppose my boyfriend may just have to suffer through my love of cute cat merchandise…

Another thing I wonder is if the 2016 Winter Pusheen box will have any repeats from last year. I really enjoyed and used the knit hat and pajama shirt, and I am just now starting to use the hot drink cup but I really like it too. Maybe this year they will have fuzzy socks or a scarf? The next box ships mid-December. Oh man, I am excited for that box too.


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