October 2016 Yume Twins Box

I received this box last week, but the original shipping notice was awhile ago. That is because this box is actually from Japan. Yume Twins is supposed to be a box of cute stuff from Japan that is especially ‘yume kawaii’ (dreamy cute) since that is apparently a new trend.

The box is smaller than the Doki Doki Box (and Pusheen box, but I can’t compare anything to the Pusheen box really…) Also, not sure how I feel about the cover art style on the booklet. On the box itself, there is some super cute art of who I guess are the Yume Twins, but there’s this really messy art on the cover. I’ve seen it on the Yume Twins site before too, so it might just be part of their style.

Here are all the goodies. This month’s theme is…kawaii character bento. They include 2 items that are related to the theme (the Snoopy rice shapers and I guess the cat cafe rement?).

I didn’t take individual pictures for the Yume Twins Halloween sticker, even though I really like it. I like the art on this sticker more than the scratchy art on the cover. I was kind of hoping there would be more Halloween-y stuff, but oh well.

They include a kitty toothbrush, which I guess could be related to charater bentos in that dental hygeine is important. However, this is a child’s toothbrush. Very cute, I like it, but my mouth is too big to use this. I am a little disappointed by that, but I suppose in a pinch, I could still use it. But getting a toothbrush in the mail like this is kind of hilarious to me.

Also not pictured are some decorative sticky notes, and a Pure Smile Masquerade Face Mask. OH MAN I love Face Masks. I just got in an order of Etude House’s new versions and I am super excited to have yet another one to mess with. There are a variety of shapes for the sticky notes too, so that is fun.

Uh, okay. I actually already own some other cute character rice ball shapers…which I literally never use. I suppose I should give it a shot. This is really appropriate for the theme, as opposed to everything else.

This blobby bird plush is Koishi-tai, a cute alien cupid that is supposed to bring luck to your love life. I though the plushies in the Doki Doki box were ridiculous, but oh my freaking gosh, what the heck. But it’s soft and bean filled and has an awkward heart on it’s head. I don’t know. I am so confused by this.

This pouch features Komasan from Yokai Watch. Yokai Watch is a series of video games and stuff that seems to be marketed to 10 year old boys. A kid can summon yokai (ghosts? phantoms?) with a watch. However, this pouch is extra fluffy, so that is nice.

THE POUCH IS DIVIDED! That is amazing. It’s kind of in the spirit of Halloween, and since it has pockets, this will be super useful.

Ah Rement, we meet again. This is from the Hello Kitty Cat Cafe Rement series, where I got the sleepy set. Tiny Cinnamoroll and a Hello Kitty cat bed and drink and mat and a tiny magazine.

Wow such detail on the itty bitty magazine. That said, I am not too into Rement minatures, considering my cat-sized cat will knock this stuff over or eat it.

Speaking of cat, here she is, befuddled by the cat toothbrush.

Yume Twins is $30 a month, and it seems like this is all stuff you would actually grab at a stationary shop or little store of some kind in Japan. However, maybe the theme is the cause of this, but none of this feels very “dreamy cute” to me.

I have to admit, I am not super impressed. Maybe because I was wowed by Pusheen so recently. Maybe because some of these items are just so weird (Koishi-tai….). On the otherhand, I do appreciate how this all seems extra authentic compared to the Doki Doki box. Doki Doki seems to have a lot of stuff custom produced, which is both good (like the original plushies) and bad (the random accessories).

Like the irresponsible person I am, I am getting both Doki Doki and Yume Twins for November, primarily to see how disappointed I will be by the Sailormoon Rement keychain. The theme for Yume Twins next month is Breakfast. (Doki Doki’s theme next month is Kawaii Cafe).


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