Yes it is still October…

After receiving all the other things I’ve ordered this month (all the subscription boxes plus my Etude House order), I was starting to worry about Q Box. After all, for a new (to me) service, I gave them a bit of money for two boxes (the Halloween box and the October box). But upon checking their site the other day, nothing was supposed to ship.

Then I looked for reviews online and began to be suspicious. QBox is also the name of other non-cute subscription boxes, and their twitter and facebook don’t update often. Their instagram seems to be the most up to date, and there were several comments from people asking about their September  boxes. Yikes. Actually, it appears those several comments are all from the same 1 or 2 people, and they are also complaining about the October box…

However, early this morning, I got an email that it shipped, and it should be 5-7 days from Canada. Oh good. Only shipped 5 days late, and I’ll probably get the damn Halloween box AFTER HALLOWEEN. ◔_◔ Hmm. Also, I am aware that earlier this year, Canada Post had a strike or there was something funky going on. Nonetheless…I am worried.



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