9 weeks to go – F+F Chiffon Lover

Like I mentioned, 10 weeks to go was last weekend and I was visiting the boyfriend.

Even worse, I didn’t even dress up today. Instead, I put together a coord and then promptly criticized it, took pictures and put it away.

Here we have F+F’s Chiffon Lover JSK, a black chiffon blouse from ???brand (I bought it from the Lolita Collective at Paradiso and that’s all I know), generic black box hairclip, Target brand shoes and tights, a Tasty Peach Studio necklace, homemade bracelet and a ring I probably got at Claire’s.

First criticism: Needs more light blue. But I am sorely lacking in light blue. I need some kind of light blue thing to put on my head.

Second, I’m sure someone out there is angry that I have solid black tights for this. I actually own some light blue tights but it is the wrong kind of light blue. I recently found out about WeLoveColor which sells tights in all the colors, so someday I may buy plain light blue tights from there. But I am a solid color tights kind of person.

Some detailed shots.

I am not entirely sure if the necklace works with this, since it has some white and other colors on it. A blue pearl necklace might work better.

I don’t have black wristcuffs, nor blue ones. Light blue ones would probably work best. Instead, I have a blue pearl bracelet I made once upon a time. Also threw in a silver rose ring which I like, and it at least goes with the chain of the necklace.

Again, the solid black tights, and maryjane flat shoes I got from Target a long time ago. I have heeled maryjane shoes also. If I was wearing this to a meet (I wore something similar a few months ago, but it was a skirt and not a JSK), I may wear the heels instead (but I’d need flats in my car because I cannot drive in heels). If I was just being a dork around the house or going grocery shopping, I would wear flats.

Actually, considering that I own much more exciting dresses, I would not wear this to a coord. I wore the lavender version to the Nakakon Tea Party, but I think I can do better next year. This would be a good dress for wearing around the house, or wearing to a non-lolita event where a more exciting dress might gather more attention than I feel like dealing with.

An alternate take on this outfit would be to use a white blouse and white tights. I am lost on the shoes, since wearing black shoes with an otherwise sweet outfit is apparently abominable, but I don’t own light blue shoes. I would have to go with my taupe shoes instead. I would absolutely need a blue headpiece as well. I would be able to use the same (theoretical) blue pearl necklace, or just use white pearls for everything. The reason I am not just setting up that coord here is because I need to use the damn black blouses for something.  Even the version of this outfit with white instead of black is still nothing super special, so a mostly home-and-boring-activity kind of outfit.


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