9 weeks to go – F+F Puck’s Prank JSK

Happy Halloween Eve! Today I slept in and decided to try on my prospective halloween outfit.

Ta-da this is what made it to my instagram, and is the usual way I take pics.  Today’s main outfit is the F+F Puck’s Prank JSK, with a white F+F Chiffon Lover blouse and also skirt. I’m wearing a homemade petticoat AND the one included with the Puck’s Prank OP. For legwear…the Target white tights that I can no longer find except with fleece lining. That will be awesome in the winter, but not quite cold enough now. Also, for shoes, I’m wearing the Carolbar Platforms. I wore them around a lot today, and had no issues with the strap after all! Colorwise, they almost match the ribbon, so that is good.

I have no good place for lighting in my house, and the above picture doesn’t really give the dress justice, so I tried in a few other places.

Tried to get better lighting, but still not super great. In a perfect world, I would have a well lit room and a mirror attached to the wall and it would be great for outfit pictures. Until then, I am stuck. Sorry.

You may recall that this dress also came with some other accessories. For a Halloween-y fairy outfit, they work. For a more normal “I am dressing in lolita” outfit, leave that stuff alone.

First, the capelet. It attaches to little buttons on the shoulder straps. A little awkward with this blouse since the sleeves are extra poofy. However, what is worse is that it is uneven. One side is longer than the other. What the heck? I can’t use this.

Also, the sash should tie in the back, but I feel like this is okay too.

In a fit of anger at the hair clip I was using. I tried to make the capelet into a head veil thing with bobby pins. Actually, this is much better. Not super lolita-ish, but better for a fairy costume where I don’t have a super great hair piece.

This JSK also included the overskirt with a part that becomes a choker.On the left is the overskirt. It is better to tie the ribbon sash in the back here since you have to tie the overskirt on in the front. I guess you could do both in the back. On the top right is what the back looks like when you tie up the choker. It is supposed to mimic fairy wings. Lol okay? The choker (bottom right) looks okay, but I don’t particularly like the feeling of chokers, so I tried to think of alternatives for this overskirt.

One alternative is make the overskirt a cape, like on the left. I think this is more like wings actually. Even better would be an overskirt around the waist AND as a cape. Oh well. On the right is just tying the ribbons from the choker part around the waist also. Only problem here is that now I have a ton of stuff tied at the waist.

So I eventually took off all the extra fairy accessories and hung out in my house in the original outfit at the top. For lunch, I had leftover potato soup, a roll and some green tea. Then I planned on going to lab to feed some fruit flies, but I got to the parking lot, saw a car belonging to someone else in my lab and decided to go home.  I’m not quite ready to wear a full lolita-ish outfit around my loving and accepting friends, so no way in hell am I gonna wear one around one of the assholes I work with.

When I got home, my neighbors were trying to chase down their cat, failed and left. (They got a new kitten a few months ago and decided it would be smart to let him play outside when they are outside. Now he cries to go outside all the time and now it appears the cat won’t go back inside on his own and they won’t just pick him up and put him inside….on my street that is fairly busy). Anyway, I was able to capture him, and played with him for a bit. Mom found out the neighbors will be back in a few hours so we are trying to keep an eye on him til then.

Neighbor Kitty really wants to eat my shoes…

For Halloween tomorrow night, I may skip wearing the blouse and be 100% fairy. I don’t know. I really wish I had a blouse that didn’t dig into my arms so much. Maybe I need to do some arm slimming exercises, while I look for more blouses.


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