October 2016 QBox

I ordered the October QBox and the Halloween Special Qbox. Guess which one DIDN’T arrive on Halloween? The Halloween one…. T_T Maybe they were shipped separately and the Halloween one will show up tomorrow. It has been exactly a week since I was told my stuff shipped, and they said that for shipping to the USA, you should it to take expect 5-7 days, and to email after 12 days.  Anyway, here is what was in the October Box, advertised to be the “cutest box yet!”.

Here it is. I initially though that since both boxes were invoiced together, they would be shipped together. But this seems kind of small??

I don’t see any Halloween stuff here, and there is not an included list of “the October box consists of x, y and z” like in the Doki Doki Crate and Yume Twins.

One item is this spoon and fork set. It makes me think of the silverware you would get for babies, except the spoon should be covered in some kind of soft plastic. And to be honest, I am not super into Hello Kitty anymore. I do like some Hello Kitty things, but this…not this.

Behold, a hodge-podge of what Q-Box thinks are the “cutest things ever”. We have a cat handwarmer (yes very cute), some stickers that I already own which I bought off GMarket several years ago, a set of Totoro bookmarks (yessss I could always use more bookmarks!), some Disney Tsumtsum shoelace charms (what), A Disney Tsumtsum bracelet-like thing, and an iRing piggy for attaching to your phone as a stand. Cute, but it won’t let my phone lay flat for playing rhythm games.

Here are some socks and a watch. Socks are 100%okay. I can always use more socks. As for the watch…I hate wearing watches. The pattern is little pink elephants too. Huh.

Finally, one thing I can get excited over, which is a tea cup. This is a hella cute tea cup.

This box alone was $24.95. Shipping for this and the Halloween Box was $15, so I am predicting around $7.5 for shipping, so $31 for this box alone? Yea, no. I am already annoyed with how this shipped late (site said Oct 20th, actually shipped around Oct 25th), and now a little annoyed that my Halloween box didn’t arrive in October. If the cute-theme box was late, whatever, but the holiday themed box arriving after the holiday (if at all, says the pessimist in me) is kind of tacky. It seems like they are known for shipping things late, so this is what I would do instead: offer the Halloween box in September and ship it at the end of September/early October, and then people will actually get the box in October when things are feeling spooky. But we all know that at midnight tonight, it will become the festive season of Christmas (yay capitalism!) so it will feel a touch out of place.

UNLESS….unless the Halloween Box is all Nightmare Before Christmas themed, and then it will fit perfectly. Don’t let me down, Qbox, I am rooting for you.


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