Angelic Pretty things

I hate Angelic Pretty so much, because I want to give them all of my money.

There is some private Angelic Pretty party on 12/2 and 12/3 where this special set of Rose Museum in blue is available. It’s a JSK and a headbow, and if it was for sale on the site, I would buy it. Don’t know what the cut is, but unless there are random bows in stupid places, I would be all over this.  Actually, it just makes me fall in love with the pink version I want even more. I need to figure out a savings plan to get that dress.

I can’t wait to see the full dress.

This is one of the 3 Special Packs being released by Angelic Pretty this winter also. I don’t care too much for the other two (they are both Wonder Toy sets, and I don’t really like prints with toys on them), but this is pretty cute. It also comes in pink, lavender and black. There is a blouse (probably can’t fit) and socks (probably also can’t fit but then again maybe I could), and a headbow included. The red looks nice and Christmas-y, so I kind of want this one too. However, even if it goes up on AP USA’s site, I don’t think I would buy it. Not unless I also won the lottery tomorrow.

By the way, I grabbed both of these pictures off the Lolita Updates facebook page.


5 weeks to 2017 – F+F Puck’s Prank OP

Decided to finally wear the F+F Puck’s Prank OP.

I need a better way to take pictures. Anyway, I am wearing the above mentioned OP, a blouse from H&M, a petticoat I bought from Target, those damn solid white tights (bwahaha) and some black offbrand maryjane heels.Very simple, and I think it is a kind of classic look. Also reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, damnit. That was not on purpose.

Was not sure which way to wear my headbow. Bow on the left or on the right? Or does it matter? (No)

And now for criticisms and how I would improve this outfit!

  • Blouse designed for lolita fashion instead of a H&M blouse
  • I’m not changing my tights, sorry, except for maybe a solid light blue or light grey shade instead of white (those are other colors in this dress)(But I think white makes it look more balanced)
  • Different headpiece, ideally a blue headbow that matches the dress. But F+F’s headpiece for the Puck’s Prank series is a fairy crown. A normal headbow made of this material would have been amazing. If this dress had standard waist ties, I would consider removing them and using the material to make a headbow, but there is only lacing in the back and it is plain light blue ribbon. I wonder if I should replace that with different ribbon someday…
  • Grey or light grey shoes would match better.

After I got dressed up, I ate brunch and tea from an Alice in Wonderland teacup. Damnit, that wasn’t on purpose either. Then I started to decorate my house for Christmas.  Had to go out to Target to buy more batteries (I have a lot of little battery operated lights to decorate with) and additional snowflake lights.  So this was the second week in a row where I wore lolita fashion out in public to run errands.

I’ve read online that when other people dress up, they either get a lot of compliments or a lot of weird looks and questions. These last two times, I have gotten nothing. I think I prefer it that way. But I am also covering up with a long sweater and scarf (since it is cold) so that is probably why no one is saying anything.

Got an email that my parasols and blouses shipped, so that is exciting! I think for ILD, I will wear my F+F Musical Palmer JSK with the new black blouse and black parasol, and black solid tights and the navy bow shoes I like so much. Need to think about hair, since I don’t have a hairpiece that directly goes with it (although one does exist and it is not terrible, I just haven’t felt like buying it yet). I am planning on going to the ILD event my group (it doesn’t really feel like mine, but the group I am in….) will have on Saturday.  It’s going to be at a little bakery I haven’t been to before, so that is exciting.

Wait, actually, no, I’ve been to the Lenexa location of this bakery, but the one ILD willbe at is in Parkville. I guess the Lenexa one shut down? Huh, bummer. I liked it.

Black Friday fallout

Yesterday was Black Friday, but a lot of sales are still going on.

Thursday night, I stayed up til midnight because the Lolita Collective sale started at midnight, and damnit I wanted the 3 parasols for $60 deal (normally they are $35 each, so 3 parasols would be $105). Also there were long sleeve blouses THAT LOOK LIKE THEY WOULD FIT ME, so I bought them. One white and one black. They were on sale, and then on top of that, there was another coupon. Their store is in Chicago so I expect to get these items next week sometime, just in time for Winter International Lolita Day!

AP USA is having a sale, and Romantic Little Garden is 30%. So one of the JSKs is only $182. I want it so badly, but then I stared and stared and oh no there are giant crosses made of flowers on it and suddently I am no longer interested. Not for that much anyway. So now I guess I should wait for the Rose Museum JSK to go on sale sometime, and after AP USA gets True Rose Story, I’ll wait for that to be on sale. Unless it is awful. Actually, AP Japan is having the same sale, but neither of the Rose dresses are for sale.

Rose Museum JSK. First choice would be the pink one (left), but if it sells out and I can’t find pink, then I’ll try mint.

True Rose Story JSK. First choice is pink (left), and second choice is the black. I considered the red, but I think I would prefer red for a more gothic or classic type of print.

If these never go on sale…I guess I need to save up $350 (the dress is around $300 and the headpiece to go with it is $30-40). T_T I hope these dresses are not too popular so I will have time to save up.

Tasty Peach Studios has a sale for the current plushies, and then full price for the new WanBon plushies. They are all so cute, but I am resisting. I am waiting for the Winter variant Meowchi to come out and then I’ll order that (at least….). Maybe when the variant comes out, I’ll order one of the WanBons…but which one? I like the Corgi and Shiba, but Pomeranian is extra fluffy, and I have a soft spot in my heard for German Shephards. Gyah maybe I’ll just leave it be and order the pups later.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! May your family gathering be devoid of annoying conversations, and the food plentiful and unburnt. Also, a good time to consider how lucky many of us are, and also how fragile our luck is.

More shallowly, this also means tomorrow is Black Friday. Lolita Collective is having a sale, and they have a long sleeve blouse from an Australian brand that MIGHT JUST FIT. Also parasols. I am going to stay up til midnight and see if everything is sold out immediately or not. Memebox had another Black Friday deal of 100 Sheet Masks for $80, and it was sold out immediately. I’m not even mad though, since I seriously do not need more sheet masks right now. I probably have 100…

Anyway, I should get around to posting what my Sailormoon Rements were, since I was too lazy to actually make that post sooner.

Here they are, proof that this Rement series did not sell worth a damn since two kawaii subscription boxes were able to put them in. On the other hand, perhaps this series sold TOO well and there was a second run. Oh well. I though this series was ugly and that’s why I didn’t buy any of them before now.

So first I opened the one from Yume Twins, hoping I got a compact cupcake and not the damn Tuxedo Mask charm.

Okay, the Moon Stick charm. This charm is a lot bigger than what I had imagined. it’s cute, but if you look really closely, it has a kind of handmade feel to it too. How sloppy these charms are is one of the reasons I am not a fan. This is cute, I guess.

From Doki Doki, I got the Luna cupcake charm. It looks like a real cupcake, and the little pink charm with Sailormoon on it looks reaaaally badly painted. But oh well. Maybe this is karmic payback because I have all of the Miniaturely Tablet Set 1 except for the Luna P head.

Here is a closeup of both charms together. I guess the Moon Stick charm is supposed to be like homemade chocolate? These do look okay if you are going for the “charm that imitates food that imitates another object” look, but it’s not really my style. Or maybe it is and I just don’t like how this series was done. Oh well, into the keychain collection they go! I really should do something with my huge collection of anime keychains at some point.


November 2016 Yume Twins Box

The theme is Breakfast, ok? But don’t go in assuming you know anything about breakfast.

According to the pamplet, a traditional Japanese breakfast is something along the lines of rice (sometimes with egg), grilled fish, pickles, miso soup, maybe natto.  However, some people in Japan also just have more western-style breakfasts (toast, cereal, eggs, bacon, etc).

Now that we know what breakfast is (LOL), let’s look at this month’s goodies.

How is a Sailormoon Sweets Rement breakfast related? The same way it is relate to Doki Doki’s Cafe Theme….just barely. Didn’t open this because I am going to compare the one I got from Doki Doki to the one I got here.

Shown here, we have:

  • Rilakkuma Darjeeling Tea bags (this will be cool)
  • A mini note pad featuring food that is not specifically breakfast food
  • 2-way marker (unrelated to breakfast)
  • Sumikko Gurashi sushi keychain (I’ll get to this in a moment)
  • Gudetama Stickers (lazy egg is very breakfasty)
  • Kirimichan Post-it notes (Kirimichan is a sliced salmon character, so breakfasty, but also wtf Sanrio why is this a character?)

The booklet even admited that sushi is not breakfast food, so all is forgiven. PLUS I got Neco? which is my favorite Sumikko Gurashi character.

The big item of this box was a Shinada Baby Nature plush. This must be Baby Tiger. The other options were Alpaca, Cat or Baku. This is a HUGE plush compared to every other plush I’ve gotten from a monthly subscription box. Also, he is extra soft and fluffy. I’ve found that most Japanese plushies are super soft and plush, while American plushies are made of a different material that is less plush-feeling. Also, how the heck is this related to breakfast also?? I am glad they included this plush though, but it really drives home the fact that the monthly themes of subscription boxes are more of a suggestion than a rule.

I am actually pretty happy with this box. Plushies are the way to my heart, but also TEA they included TEA!?!?! Plus, now I can make an extra post about the Sailormoon Rement-off competition. Good times.

6 Weeks to 2017 – Long Ears & Short Ears Mushroom Forest JSK in Lavender

Last weekend, I made a coordinate with the brown version of this dress. This weekend, I gave it a shot with the lavender version. AND I actually wore it this time too.

It is suddenly freezing, so I had no option but to wear a thermal shirt under this. I need a long sleeve blouse. I know.

I tried the short brown cardigan again (picture on the right), and it just makes me look really fat. Probably a combination of the dress being high waisted and the petticoat sewn into the dress. On a whim, tried a brown duster sweater (middle and left), and I think it looks better.

Tried to pin the bow somewhere that made sense, but it never did, so I just left it off. Pro tip for next time: Pin the bow somewhere before putting the dress on.  For the rest of the outfit, I wore solid white tights, my fawn bow flats and the F+F white petticoat. Simply braided my hair and used one of the bows to decorate it.

To improve on this outfit, I NEED A DAMN LONG SLEEVE BLOUSE. I think once I am done Christmas shopping for family and friends, I’m going to actually look for a few.  If I could go back in time to last fall when I first started actually buying lolita clothes, I would tell myself to invest in a short sleeve blouse, a long sleeve blouse and a jacket or bolero before buying more dresses. Before any more dresses, I NEED to acquire these things.

Wore this outfit to lab (no one was around, thankfully) and then to the store. Actually, this dress is extremely comfortable. I’ve mentioned how it is technically too small in the chest, but it doesn’t dig into my skin at all. With the boofloaf conundrum, I’ve pondered if I should just sell these LE&SE dresses, but I don’t think I will after all. Maybe they’re not the most flattering on me, but I feel pretty in them and I think with an appropriate blouse, these LE&SE dresses can be coordinated more appropriately.

Today’s snack was milk and cookies. I have a partial pack of oreos leftover from a recipe I made for last week’s school thanksgiving lunch.

Next week is American Thanksgiving, which means Mom and I needed to clean house today. This translates into ME cleaning house. And then we discovered our dishwasher was broken, which means I got to handwash all the dishes. The repairman doesn’t have an opening until Friday either. We have our family dinner on Wednesday (this allows one sibling to see his inlaws on actual Thankgiving, and the other sibling always has to work), so I foresee many dishes being washed in my immediate future.

It got much worse but now it’s better

Yesterday was very stressful, with all the running about. However, today was much better.

Except that yesterday, it was windy and mild and nice out. Today, winter has hit us. Well, I suppose the high is in the 40s, so it’s really not winter yet, but it was a bit of a shock.

My house was built in the 1920s, and it doesn’t have the best of insulation, especially on the 2nd floor. But there is less smoke up here, so I’d rather be on the 2nd floor.  To stay warm, I usually bundle up in a ton of blankets and hope my fat kitty decides she wants to sit with me. Also, constantly drinking tea. Midwestern winters can be dry, so it’s best to stay hydrated.

My friend was telling me about the electric blanket she found at Costco, so I may ask her to let me tag along on her next trip so I can also get an electric blanket.