Halloween 2016 QBox

Hah, of course the Halloween QBox arrived the day AFTER Halloween. However, I am actually pleasantly surprised with what I got.

I am actually really glad that this arrived, because I never look forward to having to email customer service about anything ever.

WOW this stuff is actually kind of appealing! Not as Halloweeny as I imagined, but good.

First we have some goth/halloween nail decals, more cute socks and some ghost earrings. I don’t have pierced ears, but that is kind of rare these days so I can’t hold it against them. But socks and decals are awesome.

Here we have a Halloween Hello Kitty figure, pumpkin chipmunk Tsumtsum, mummy correction tape (white out), a My Melody pass holder, a universal stand holder (that is a skeleton bandaid looking thing) and some victorian themed stickers. Why are phone stands so popular these days?

I got a Witch Hello Kitty. So yesterday, I talked about how I am not into Hello Kitty as much as I was when I was younger. Still holds true, but the nicely designed Hello Kitty merchandise is still appreciated. Those forks and spoons? No. A little witch figurine? Yes.

Finally, we have some halloween Hello Kitty stickers, a little pouch and a wallet. The pouch and wallet seem to have the same designer, but there are no markings saying who the designer is or what brand this is or what.

This box was $29.95 and then I’m estimating $7.50 for shipping (I paid $15 for shipping for the Halloween and October boxes together).  So nearly $40 for this box. I like almost everything in the box (enough with the phone stands!), although I’m not sure if I’ll use the wallet or pass case. But the Halloween QBox is much MUCH better than the standard October “cute” box.

So where do we stand with QBox?

I very much like the idea of having to manually subscribe each month, so no accidentally paying for a box when you didn’t mean to. I also really like the themes they have had in the past and currently (Alice in Wonderland, Sumikko Gurashi, etc), but with the two boxes I bought, I am kind of meh. The “Cutest Box Yet” box was disappointing, aside from the socks and tea cup. The Halloween Box was a nice mature kind of Halloween-theme (compared to the Doki Doki Halloween Crate, which was something I expect an anime nerd would go crazy over).

I am not a fan of the shipping. Their site says they will ship on X day, and then it shipped late. If they had a better social media presence, I wouldn’t mind. Qbox has a Facebook, a Twitter and an Instagram, but it seems like the Instagram is the only one that has been updated THIS YEAR. Their Facebook literally updated a year ago, and Twitter updated this past June.  If they were more active on Facebook and Twitter (and Instagram too, of course. I love Instagram) then if there were shipping delays, I would feel a bit less worried.

I do not plan on buying another Qbox. Not even a Sailor Moon themed one.

I remember not being super thrilled with several Doki Doki Crates, but at least I felt like shipping was good, and there was a huge social media presense so if I had an issue, then I could easily get in contact with someone. I don’t feel assured about this in the case of QBox.


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