November 2016 Doki Doki Crate

The November Doki Doki Crate has arrived! Unlike past crates, this one only has 7 items. Also unlike past crates, I am mostly pleased with all of them! This month’s theme was kawaii cafe. Since I was pleased with Decoden so many moons ago, I figured that this would be a winner too, and I’m pretty happy.

They advertised the Rilakkuma sunglasses as a big deal to start their theme of a wearable every month (but I though they were already doing that with shirts? I guess they are changinig it up). They are sunglasses. In November. Whatever.

IT’S PETIT FREAKING LAPIN! Petit Lapin last appeared in the Decoden box (or at least that is the last box I got that had a Petit Lapin) and I am so happy he’s back. Instead of a macaron, he is now a ham sandwich. What the heck? Petit Lapin loves bread now. Okay. I am 100% pleased with this plushie.

We also have a Puchi Puchi Baguette Pouch, for pens and pencils. It is very plush, which takes away space for storing pens and pencils. I like it, but on the other hand….a plush baguette? That goes along with Petit Lapin’s love for baguettes, but I think a macaron pouch would be cuter. Also shown is the Monthly Hoppe-chan, but it’s a tiny Hoppe-chan on a large slice of cake.

There is a croisstant pen. Normal ball point ink pen, but in the shape of a croissant. This makes it slightly awkward to hold. However it does come with a magnet so you can just use it as a cute refrigerator decoration instead!

A notebook in the shape of a chocolate bar with a bite taken out. I don’t like the bitten part, since it makes it all uneven. Also, this notebook smells weird. Is it the smell of sketchy plastic? Or is it supposed to be chocolate scented but fails? It’s kinda cute, so I don’t mind too much.

The box that it comes in is kinda funny. ONLY 50g of sweetness and 55g kindness, and then for style, love and happiness, we get 70g, 90g, 100g and 100g. LOL. This Doki Doki Choco is super inaccurate! And only 100 calories for 100g of happiness? No way! Whining aside, this is cute and I like it.

And finally, the damn Sailormoon Sweet Mascot Rement Blindbox, which I am NOT OPENING YET. I want to open this one and the Yume Twins one at the same time. So this will occur after Thanksgiving probably. I hope I got the Crystal Star cupcake or the original broach cupcake. The others all look wonky.

Petit Lapin and a turnover with tea, because I needed a snack after today.

So I am actually really happy about this Doki Doki Crate. The baguette bag is ridiculous, and I think I should start a collection of weird pens that I get from these crates, but I am pretty damn happy.  I think Doki Doki has finally redeemed themselves in my eyes, and I might feel okay just continuing with the subscription until graduation panic time.


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