7 weeks til 2017 – Long Ears & Short Ears Mushroom Forest JSK

Another weekend where I am too stressed out by family nonsense and science to actually dress up, so here are some floordinates (actually they’re on a bed so bedinates?)

My beloved Long Ears and Short Ears Mushroom Kingdom JSK in brown. I checked the LE&SE Storenvy to make sure the name was right, and yes, this has a 94cm bust which is why it looks awful on me. I’m still going to wear it eventually. Presented here is what I would consider an acceptable lolita outfit. Only thing is that I think there needs to be something else pink. If only the little hair clips were pink instead of brown. They still sell the pink hair clips, so maybe I’ll buy them someday.

Details of this outfit. Top left is just the top with the detachable bow. Man, if that was pink too, it would be nice. Top right is pink shoes and plain white tights. Both bottom panels are details of the lace and the hair clips.

I will likely wear this outfit (or some variation on it) to a meet someday. Actually, I feel like the dress fits much better now compared to when I first got it, but it is really too small in the bust and I regret not ordering this in the custom size. T_T At least I will know for in the future.

It is November, and I would freeze wearing this outfit outside. I don’t have a lolita coat (is that even something 100% required?!?!), so I tried to think of how I could wear this dress in cold weather.

Same JSK, no blouse underneath, but a light brown cardigan from H&M. I tried this combination on, and it looks okay. I was worried the sweater and all the skirt poof wouldn’t go together, but it works out alright. A pullover sweater 100% DOES not work. Probably because this is a high waisted dress. Also, if the cardigan was pink, then it would work out just fine.

I can use the detachable bow to make the cardigan a little less boring. I am seriously going to keep an eye out for pink cardigans and boleros for cold weather. Also, I have a pink hairbow which might match well enough to use. Same tights, but I also pulled out my taupe bow flats to see how well they would match. They kinda match the cardigan, but I think this particular cardigan and the shoes might work out better with the lavender dress (otherwise there is just sooo much brown).

I doubt I would actually wear this second version of the outfit outside of my house. I would want to get a pink cardigan or bolero before wanting to wear it out.  Ideally, a cardigan specifically for lolita, but if all I can find is a short normal pink cardigan, then I guess I could call it a more casual look.

Another cold weather option is just a long sleeved blouse. I need to acquire some of those anyway. That would be more like the first outfit.


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