It got worse

Another stressful day.

With the DNA I got from PCR yesterday, I cleaned it up with a method described in the Gateway cloning manual. This was supposed to get rid of all DNA smaller than 300bp. Instead, it got rid of ALL the DNA. Maybe when I removed the supernatant, I also got rid of the DNA? But there was a pellet and I tried to not disturb it and probably left some reagent in the tube…gyah. So the 2 DNA gels I ran had many lanes that appeared completely empty.

AND the safety people came in to yell at me about waste containers. I was the only person around which is why.

AND THEN my boss yelled at me because I accidentally turned the rotator off yesterday.

But wait, there is more! One of my precious friends is having a hard time and wants to meet up tomorrow. Clearly, this is an emergency. However, tomorrow was already going to be hell because I have to take Mom to 2 doctor appointments, go to lab meeting, go have lunch with the seminar speaker, and then go to seminar. To hell with seminar, my friend is more important! If the professor in charge comments on my absense, I’ll say there was a family emergency. u_u

And now, since my phone seems to be perpetually out of space, I wiped it and am now redownloading all my apps. Just another little thing to be stressed about.




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