6 Weeks to 2017 – Long Ears & Short Ears Mushroom Forest JSK in Lavender

Last weekend, I made a coordinate with the brown version of this dress. This weekend, I gave it a shot with the lavender version. AND I actually wore it this time too.

It is suddenly freezing, so I had no option but to wear a thermal shirt under this. I need a long sleeve blouse. I know.

I tried the short brown cardigan again (picture on the right), and it just makes me look really fat. Probably a combination of the dress being high waisted and the petticoat sewn into the dress. On a whim, tried a brown duster sweater (middle and left), and I think it looks better.

Tried to pin the bow somewhere that made sense, but it never did, so I just left it off. Pro tip for next time: Pin the bow somewhere before putting the dress on.  For the rest of the outfit, I wore solid white tights, my fawn bow flats and the F+F white petticoat. Simply braided my hair and used one of the bows to decorate it.

To improve on this outfit, I NEED A DAMN LONG SLEEVE BLOUSE. I think once I am done Christmas shopping for family and friends, I’m going to actually look for a few.  If I could go back in time to last fall when I first started actually buying lolita clothes, I would tell myself to invest in a short sleeve blouse, a long sleeve blouse and a jacket or bolero before buying more dresses. Before any more dresses, I NEED to acquire these things.

Wore this outfit to lab (no one was around, thankfully) and then to the store. Actually, this dress is extremely comfortable. I’ve mentioned how it is technically too small in the chest, but it doesn’t dig into my skin at all. With the boofloaf conundrum, I’ve pondered if I should just sell these LE&SE dresses, but I don’t think I will after all. Maybe they’re not the most flattering on me, but I feel pretty in them and I think with an appropriate blouse, these LE&SE dresses can be coordinated more appropriately.

Today’s snack was milk and cookies. I have a partial pack of oreos leftover from a recipe I made for last week’s school thanksgiving lunch.

Next week is American Thanksgiving, which means Mom and I needed to clean house today. This translates into ME cleaning house. And then we discovered our dishwasher was broken, which means I got to handwash all the dishes. The repairman doesn’t have an opening until Friday either. We have our family dinner on Wednesday (this allows one sibling to see his inlaws on actual Thankgiving, and the other sibling always has to work), so I foresee many dishes being washed in my immediate future.


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