November 2016 Yume Twins Box

The theme is Breakfast, ok? But don’t go in assuming you know anything about breakfast.

According to the pamplet, a traditional Japanese breakfast is something along the lines of rice (sometimes with egg), grilled fish, pickles, miso soup, maybe natto.  However, some people in Japan also just have more western-style breakfasts (toast, cereal, eggs, bacon, etc).

Now that we know what breakfast is (LOL), let’s look at this month’s goodies.

How is a Sailormoon Sweets Rement breakfast related? The same way it is relate to Doki Doki’s Cafe Theme….just barely. Didn’t open this because I am going to compare the one I got from Doki Doki to the one I got here.

Shown here, we have:

  • Rilakkuma Darjeeling Tea bags (this will be cool)
  • A mini note pad featuring food that is not specifically breakfast food
  • 2-way marker (unrelated to breakfast)
  • Sumikko Gurashi sushi keychain (I’ll get to this in a moment)
  • Gudetama Stickers (lazy egg is very breakfasty)
  • Kirimichan Post-it notes (Kirimichan is a sliced salmon character, so breakfasty, but also wtf Sanrio why is this a character?)

The booklet even admited that sushi is not breakfast food, so all is forgiven. PLUS I got Neco? which is my favorite Sumikko Gurashi character.

The big item of this box was a Shinada Baby Nature plush. This must be Baby Tiger. The other options were Alpaca, Cat or Baku. This is a HUGE plush compared to every other plush I’ve gotten from a monthly subscription box. Also, he is extra soft and fluffy. I’ve found that most Japanese plushies are super soft and plush, while American plushies are made of a different material that is less plush-feeling. Also, how the heck is this related to breakfast also?? I am glad they included this plush though, but it really drives home the fact that the monthly themes of subscription boxes are more of a suggestion than a rule.

I am actually pretty happy with this box. Plushies are the way to my heart, but also TEA they included TEA!?!?! Plus, now I can make an extra post about the Sailormoon Rement-off competition. Good times.


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