Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! May your family gathering be devoid of annoying conversations, and the food plentiful and unburnt. Also, a good time to consider how lucky many of us are, and also how fragile our luck is.

More shallowly, this also means tomorrow is Black Friday. Lolita Collective is having a sale, and they have a long sleeve blouse from an Australian brand that MIGHT JUST FIT. Also parasols. I am going to stay up til midnight and see if everything is sold out immediately or not. Memebox had another Black Friday deal of 100 Sheet Masks for $80, and it was sold out immediately. I’m not even mad though, since I seriously do not need more sheet masks right now. I probably have 100…

Anyway, I should get around to posting what my Sailormoon Rements were, since I was too lazy to actually make that post sooner.

Here they are, proof that this Rement series did not sell worth a damn since two kawaii subscription boxes were able to put them in. On the other hand, perhaps this series sold TOO well and there was a second run. Oh well. I though this series was ugly and that’s why I didn’t buy any of them before now.

So first I opened the one from Yume Twins, hoping I got a compact cupcake and not the damn Tuxedo Mask charm.

Okay, the Moon Stick charm. This charm is a lot bigger than what I had imagined. it’s cute, but if you look really closely, it has a kind of handmade feel to it too. How sloppy these charms are is one of the reasons I am not a fan. This is cute, I guess.

From Doki Doki, I got the Luna cupcake charm. It looks like a real cupcake, and the little pink charm with Sailormoon on it looks reaaaally badly painted. But oh well. Maybe this is karmic payback because I have all of the Miniaturely Tablet Set 1 except for the Luna P head.

Here is a closeup of both charms together. I guess the Moon Stick charm is supposed to be like homemade chocolate? These do look okay if you are going for the “charm that imitates food that imitates another object” look, but it’s not really my style. Or maybe it is and I just don’t like how this series was done. Oh well, into the keychain collection they go! I really should do something with my huge collection of anime keychains at some point.



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