Black Friday fallout

Yesterday was Black Friday, but a lot of sales are still going on.

Thursday night, I stayed up til midnight because the Lolita Collective sale started at midnight, and damnit I wanted the 3 parasols for $60 deal (normally they are $35 each, so 3 parasols would be $105). Also there were long sleeve blouses THAT LOOK LIKE THEY WOULD FIT ME, so I bought them. One white and one black. They were on sale, and then on top of that, there was another coupon. Their store is in Chicago so I expect to get these items next week sometime, just in time for Winter International Lolita Day!

AP USA is having a sale, and Romantic Little Garden is 30%. So one of the JSKs is only $182. I want it so badly, but then I stared and stared and oh no there are giant crosses made of flowers on it and suddently I am no longer interested. Not for that much anyway. So now I guess I should wait for the Rose Museum JSK to go on sale sometime, and after AP USA gets True Rose Story, I’ll wait for that to be on sale. Unless it is awful. Actually, AP Japan is having the same sale, but neither of the Rose dresses are for sale.

Rose Museum JSK. First choice would be the pink one (left), but if it sells out and I can’t find pink, then I’ll try mint.

True Rose Story JSK. First choice is pink (left), and second choice is the black. I considered the red, but I think I would prefer red for a more gothic or classic type of print.

If these never go on sale…I guess I need to save up $350 (the dress is around $300 and the headpiece to go with it is $30-40). T_T I hope these dresses are not too popular so I will have time to save up.

Tasty Peach Studios has a sale for the current plushies, and then full price for the new WanBon plushies. They are all so cute, but I am resisting. I am waiting for the Winter variant Meowchi to come out and then I’ll order that (at least….). Maybe when the variant comes out, I’ll order one of the WanBons…but which one? I like the Corgi and Shiba, but Pomeranian is extra fluffy, and I have a soft spot in my heard for German Shephards. Gyah maybe I’ll just leave it be and order the pups later.


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