5 weeks to 2017 – F+F Puck’s Prank OP

Decided to finally wear the F+F Puck’s Prank OP.

I need a better way to take pictures. Anyway, I am wearing the above mentioned OP, a blouse from H&M, a petticoat I bought from Target, those damn solid white tights (bwahaha) and some black offbrand maryjane heels.Very simple, and I think it is a kind of classic look. Also reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, damnit. That was not on purpose.

Was not sure which way to wear my headbow. Bow on the left or on the right? Or does it matter? (No)

And now for criticisms and how I would improve this outfit!

  • Blouse designed for lolita fashion instead of a H&M blouse
  • I’m not changing my tights, sorry, except for maybe a solid light blue or light grey shade instead of white (those are other colors in this dress)(But I think white makes it look more balanced)
  • Different headpiece, ideally a blue headbow that matches the dress. But F+F’s headpiece for the Puck’s Prank series is a fairy crown. A normal headbow made of this material would have been amazing. If this dress had standard waist ties, I would consider removing them and using the material to make a headbow, but there is only lacing in the back and it is plain light blue ribbon. I wonder if I should replace that with different ribbon someday…
  • Grey or light grey shoes would match better.

After I got dressed up, I ate brunch and tea from an Alice in Wonderland teacup. Damnit, that wasn’t on purpose either. Then I started to decorate my house for Christmas.  Had to go out to Target to buy more batteries (I have a lot of little battery operated lights to decorate with) and additional snowflake lights.  So this was the second week in a row where I wore lolita fashion out in public to run errands.

I’ve read online that when other people dress up, they either get a lot of compliments or a lot of weird looks and questions. These last two times, I have gotten nothing. I think I prefer it that way. But I am also covering up with a long sweater and scarf (since it is cold) so that is probably why no one is saying anything.

Got an email that my parasols and blouses shipped, so that is exciting! I think for ILD, I will wear my F+F Musical Palmer JSK with the new black blouse and black parasol, and black solid tights and the navy bow shoes I like so much. Need to think about hair, since I don’t have a hairpiece that directly goes with it (although one does exist and it is not terrible, I just haven’t felt like buying it yet). I am planning on going to the ILD event my group (it doesn’t really feel like mine, but the group I am in….) will have on Saturday.  It’s going to be at a little bakery I haven’t been to before, so that is exciting.

Wait, actually, no, I’ve been to the Lenexa location of this bakery, but the one ILD willbe at is in Parkville. I guess the Lenexa one shut down? Huh, bummer. I liked it.


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