1 DAY until 2017 – F+F Chiffon Lover

Actually, it is already 2017 in some places. Happy New Year! But it is still 2016 here and I wore my final lolita coord of the year.

Here, I have the Fanplusfriend Chiffon Lover JSK in lavender with a Target Cardigan, plain white tights, very much-not lolita black shoes and a lavender scarf to help color balance things. In theory I am wearing a long sleeve lolita appropriate blouse, but no one would see it under the cardigan so who knooooows. I would not be this lazy if I was going to go out with other people wearing lolita fashion.

But it was cold and I needed more layers.

So on top of the cardigan, I wore a light purple jacket (this kind of matches??!?) and decided to switch out my lavender scarf for my new Pusheen scarf because to hell with 2016 and your rules and stuff. Also the Pusheen gloves, but then I got too hot and took them off. Lol.

I wore this outfit to go to Aldi and then all the Asian grocery stores I needed to hit up. I want to try making tempura with lotus root, but I could only find lotus root in packs of 2 or more. What the heck am I going to do with so much of it? Was able to find taro root and daikon radish (other recipes I want to try) and saw that they sell Japanese sweet potato at one of the stores, so need to remember that for other recipes I want to try. Had a hell of a time tracking down silken tofu and sweet white miso but eventually found em. I wanted plain, unfilled mochi, but accidentally bought some red bean mochi. I don’t even like mochi but there’s a soup recipe I want to try that includes it so I was gonna give it a chance and then I buy the wrong thing. And the store won’t let you return frozen food. I guess either tomorrow I go back and try again, or I get some sweet rice flour and try the old microwave mochi trick (which I did, and it worked, except I learned that I don’t really like mochi in this first place).

I did get to eat this delicious egg tart though. Egg tarts are wonderful. Happy 2017.


Angelic Pretty True Rose Story Special Set

Angelic Pretty will be the death of me…or at least my wallet. Or maybe not. I’ve mentioned before how I want the pink True Rose Story JSK, but I have been waffling on it a bit. Maybe I would rather just save to get Rose Museum more quickly, or save for one of the new prints I like.

And then they throw this out for New Years (along with another special set, and three lucky packs)

I like this better than the actual JSK. The problem with the actual set is that it is almost TOO over the top for me. This brings down the OTT-ness.  Also, that price is great.

So I decided already that I need this, but no word from AP USA on it, so I turn to a buying service to see if they can reserve it for me. It may be a bloodbath, so I decide to spare them (for now…but I think once I get to buying Rose Museum, I’ll use them to get it from AP Japan) and dive head first into the wacky world of Tenso.

Tenso is a forwarding service. I register with them, give them my ID (not nervous about that at all…meep) and use the address they provide when buying stuff. Angelic Pretty recommended Tenso for their international customers, so it should work out fine. Got registered at Tenso and at the AP website, so all I need to do now is wait to see when the special set (and a variety of lucky packs I am ignoring) goes on sale and hope I can order it exactly when it goes up for sale. That has been a good method when I got my other special sets.

Should I fail, I will go ahead and buy the two LE&SE dresses. Should I succeed, I am only getting one LE&SE dress.

And now, to stay up past bedtime and make some damn cookies because my brother’s graduation took TOO DAMN LONG this evening. :]

General disillusionment with one’s future

For 2017, I want to do a bullet journal. At it’s very simplest, it is a blank journal that you write to-do lists in. It can get more complicated, but I love journals and planners and all that, so I am going to give it a shot.

Two things have already come out of this. First, spring graduation thesis deadline is April 3rd, so I’d need the thing written and sent to my committee by March 1st-ish. No one on my committee expect me to graduate in the spring, but I want to have my dissertation written (or at least mostly written) at that point. But I KNOW my project isn’t done, and I don’t know if it will be done by March 1st. So that is stressful.

Second, I need a job. But talking to people is SO DAMN HARD. I am burnt out in some ways. I don’t know what I want to do next, career-wise. I just want a job so I can move out and not starve and be able to save up money. But the only advise I get is ‘networking’ and that only stresses me the heck out.

On top of being stressed about the future, Mom being ill is also stressful, and my brother is graduating academy tomorrow and my friends decided at the very damn last minute to have a party Friday so there is a lot on my plate.

Angelic Pretty Spring 2017 Collection and other musings

As I save up for the Pink Rose Museum JSK, I occasionally check the US and Japanese sites to see if it is still in stock. At the US site, only Mint and Lavender remain. The Lavender looks very much like the blue so no point in that. On the Japanese site, Pink and Ivory (as well as Lavender) remain, and I think Mint is sold out? Maybe? Considering, it is now “Pink > Ivory > Mint > nevermind” as far as what colorways I want, I am not too worried yet.

On the Lolita Updates Facebook page, some pictures of the Spring 2017 collection popped up!

First is Brilliant Princess Story. It looks very princess-y and kind of over the top, but is’s also kind of elegant and dreamy which is why I like it. This is probably the one piece dress, and I’m curious to see what the JSK would look like. Also, what other colors? I foresee red, and probably pink. Maybe lavender will be one?

The name “Dreamy Perfume” is kind of silly to me (this is a theme in Angelic Pretty print naming….it’s bizarre) but in this picture, this dress looks cute.  Kind of reminds me of True Rose Story, but not roses and I really like the lavender. Except for the huge-freaking flower in the middle of the chest…that is a bit much. This is obviously another over the top Princessy dress.

This one is called Ribbon Berry Bunny. This picture is lower quality than the other one, but this is the pink colorway while the other was yellow. I want the pink colorway of this. This can be my one (and probably only) ridiculous strawberry print dress. It seems as if almost all Sweet Lolitas have at least one strawberry and/or cherry print dress. There is a print called Milky Cherry also being released but I don’t like it so much. But also, there are bunnies on here. BUNNIES. I suppose the yellow colorway is okay, and I bet there will be blue and one more (there are usually 4 colorways…)

Last but definitely not least is Romantic Cat. I want a cat dress. This is a very cute cat dress. I am kind of annoyed with myself that I never got a Princess Cat Tiered JSK(even though the special set is floating around still and secondhand is always an option…), so this might be a good cat dress to get instead. I actually really like this exact dress, except I’ll probably need a JSK instead. But this shade of blue-lavender-periwinkle is really nice.

Maybe I should only get one LE&SE dress and save up for one of these instead.  Especially since I really don’t need to have duplicate prints ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Bah

1 week til 2017 – F+F Enchanted Forest JSK

Merry Christmas! It was a busy weekend so I threw this coord together at the very last minute. And thus, it is not great.

The Enchanted Forest JSK that started everything for me. ♡ With it, my long sleeved blouse AND the necktie included. I do not have anything that would work as a headpiece. F+F makes a little hat to go with this print, but it’s a dumb looking hat. I think if I could find a beret that is the same color of mint, grey or blueish grey, then that would be nice. A headbow would be nice too.

Plain white tights and black flats for footwear. I’ve worn my navy flats with this dress before, but the more I think about it, those don’t really match either, so I may as well mismatch my shoes differently this time.

Also not a huge fan of how the straps on this JSK are manually tied. It’s nice because it is adjustable, but annoying because it looks sloppy. I think eventually I am going to sew them to the right measurement and then make the bows permanent or just have there be no bows. I don’t know yet.

Realistically, I would wear a jacket or coat over this outfit and go grocery shopping.

(´ー`) Mostly because it is cold out (actually today it was 60F but in general is it cold out).


Long Ears & Short Ears The Kingdom of Fairies

LE&SE has advertised this print, and I was hoping I would hate the cuts even though the print is very pretty. Sadly, the cuts are so very pretty and I want these dresses.

Actually, I like every color of this print. Lavender and light green look so airy and fairy-like. Emerald looks so elegant. Grey-black looks very elegant and gothic-ish. There are three dress cuts and a skirt, and if I was rich, I would get one of each. Alas, I am instead thinking of getting the OP and the JSK.

The larger OP has a bust of 90-100cm and an underbust of 80-90cm. Measured myself and I can fit. There is the option of custom sizing, which would increase the bust to 100-120cm (and probably the waist up a little too). Honestly, I think I’d only want it up to 105cm, so custom sizing might be too much? I don’t mind paying the extra amount if it means it will fit much better. I feel a bit burned by the Mushroom Kingdom JSKs…though that was to fit up to 94cm bust so actually 90-100cm will be great. The OP comes in a long and a short version. I will have to consider which one I’d like better.


The headpiece options are a flat headpiece with a removeable veil (shown above), a headbow with a veil, a bonnet (LOL no thanks) or a round flower hair piece with a veil.  I am thinking for the OP, I’ll pick the flat headband with the veil.

There are two JSK options. This is JSK I, and then there is a second one that strangely has a petal overlay similar to the F+F Puck’s Prank JSK…except it isn’t removable. So the first JSK wins out clearly. This JSK has a long (kind of awkward) sash which can also act as a shawl.  There is also a bead chain at the front, which is very pretty. The lavender color way was my immediate choice, but as you’ll see, I am almost doubting that as well. But the lavender looks so light and airy and sweet.  Is this a sweet print? Is this classical? Is it some kind of hybrid that will anger traditional lolitas if a hybrid style is mentioned?

Anyway, this dress has a large size with a bust of 94-102cm and a waist of 74-82cm. So yes I can fit this also. Thank you LESE for making dresses a slightly larger size.

I have a weakness for veils. I think it would be a little repeatitive to get two of the same kind of headpiece, so I wonder if I should try the headbow+veil combo for one of the dresses.

So originally, I was going to get Lavender and one of the greens, probably Emerald. The print is so pretty. LESE has mentioned that this may not be color-true, since it is a difficult color to photograph. Emerald is so pretty. However, I don’t really like the gold ruffle at the bottom or the sash. The silver of the lavender is much nicer.

Light green also has the nice airy feel that lavender has, but the ruffles at the bottom remind me of tassles on a lamp shade. They are legitimate ruffles though. It looks nice as the other JSK cut, but I can only afford two dresses right now.

Preorders opened today and end January 15th (or until orders are filled up). Hopefully, I can get the grey-black OP and JSK I in one of the colors, plus matching head wear. Maybe I will get two OPs instead, since blouses are such a hassle for me. Perhaps I will get a second OP later after preorders end and the first OP fits me well (I hope ( ̄◇ ̄;) I’ll wait til after my first paycheck of 2017 to preorder these, and they are scheduled to arrive in April.

Merry Christmas….?!

Tonight was my family’s annual Christmas Eve party! It isn’t Christmas Eve until Saturday, but one brother works Saturday, so we did it today. And it was easier since everyone has spouse-Christmases to go to this weekend.


Since Mom isn’t so healthy these days, I was in charge of coordinating the dinner and making most of the food. I made cream puffs (actually, my boyfriend’s Mom’s recipe), fried chicken (Mom’s recipe, which I made yesterday and then ate cold today), and meatballs (Grandpa’s recipe, which Mom has made yearly til now). We also had cold cuts and crackers, pickled relishes and pigs-in-a-blanket. Originally, both brothers were going to bring deviled eggs, but they both failed and so there were no deviled eggs at all.

It was the first time we had a family get together with everyone’s significant others too! My boyfriend, Mom’s boyfriend, the sister-in-law and the other brother’s fiancee were all able to make it. I hope we didn’t scare them too much. 🙂

For Christmas, I got some gift cards, two electric blankets (they were both requested), a vegetable brush (it was requested), a silk scarf and a leather journal. Pretty simple but I’m happy. I’d ask for more hobby related things, but I don’t want to bother my family with trying to look up the correct anime thing, or the correct lolita thing. :p Just give me normal things instead so I can spend my money on my hobbies myself.