4 Weeks til 2017 – Happy ILD!

This week was chaotic, but in the end, I was still able to go to my comm’s Winter International Lolita Day meet.

Wore my F+F Musical Palmer JSK with the included petticoat, plus a second homemade crappy one. Also, a One Day in Paradise Clockwork Butterfly black Chiffon blouse, which is one of my Black Friday goodies from the Lolita Collective. I got a size 12, because the listed measurements indicate it should fit, and it does fit…but is slightly tight at the shoulders. I should have gone with a 14. I will know for next time. Also, plain black tights (lol) and navy flats by Sam&Libby.

Actually, I think this turned out pretty good. Especially compared to what I wore to the Summer International Lolita Day this year. Maybe I should head in a more classic/gothic direction instead of cute?

However, with this dress, I am still pretty lost on what to do for a headpiece. This dress has a headpiece which I do not own. I tried several options that I have already: the black comb (which I ended up going with), a blue headbow (would be perfect except wrong shade of blue), even attaching the collar to a headband and wearing that (it looked like a weird maid-headband and I decided it was stupid). I will not neglect headpieces in the future when buying dresses (and actually, all of my non-F+F purchases have had them. I guess I just really don’t like the headpieces F+F releases).

I still lack proper lolita style outwear, so I wore my long brown sweater and some grey gloves over this when outside. Most of the group pictures taken by people were also outside, so someone somewhere will be salty over this. I tried to hide behind people with proper outwear….hah.

The meet was actually at this cute little bakery, The French Bee, and it was tiny inside. Luckily, they were not busy, so for a great deal of time, the 10 or so of us were the only customers. I should have bought more pastries. All I bought was a quiche, some tea, and a single lemon macaron.

It was a pretty good lemon macaron. The staff there were very helpful to our group. I don’t go to that little town pretty much ever, but I think someday I will drag the boyfriend out there to get pastries and then explore a little bit.

After eating lunch, we went to downtown, and took pictures. Lots of people asked why we were dressed up (such things never happen when I’m dressed up on my own…), and one guy tried to take a picture without asking so one of the girls shoo’d him away. We went to a few antique stores and a candy/antique store. After that, I was tired and worried about my Mom (who’s health issues are the source of my chaos this week), so I decided to go home.

It was a nice experience. Found out that the age range of girls is pretty varied (some are older than I expected, and I think we have a few high schoolers or freshmen in college), and that makes me feel better. These days I worry about being too old, or being weird because I’m in graduate school.  I want to go to more outings with this group, and I need to make sure I am not a weirdo in public.


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