My life as a floating head

Comm posted the group pictures in the facebook group. For half the pictures, I am merely a floating head. On one hand, a little disappointed, but on the other hand, it’s okay cause now no one can point and laugh. Well, except for the fact that I am merely a floating head in those pictures. And considering I am still bad at hair/headpieces….ahaha oh well. (•‿•);;;;;;;;;;;

Other pictures where we are all lined up, you can see my whole outfit, but since I don’t have proper outwear yet, I look pretty meh. Also, everyone else was wearing sweet and my outfit was…darker. So there is that.


Oh well. I am somewhat amused by the whole ordeal.

In other news, everything else in my life is a total mess! But my boss though some antibody staining I did was good and took a picture of my lab notebook pages…and then made fun of me for some note I wrote to myself. Ha ha ha (눈‸눈) I need a vacation.


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