Winter Tasty Peach Studios Haul

Tasty Peach Studios had a sale for Black Friday, which I ignored, because I was waiting for the winter variant Meowchi. But then the variant was released, and I was having a bad day, so I also bought a bunch of other stuff. it’s fine! It’s a small business and I was probably going to give them all my money at some point anyway! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) So here are my goodies…

The winter variant is Snow Angel Meowchi, seen here with Candycane and Reindeer Meowchis. I like to pose them in scenes, because I am a loser like that,

Snow Angel Meowchi feels more solid and less squishy than my older meowchis. The bottom (her stomach) feels like there are more beans than other meowchis. The fabric is still the soft minky fabric that all Meowchis are made of, and so she is super soft to touch.

The wings have wires in them so they can be poses, and her ears have patterned fabric, which is different!

This was a surprise to me…the snowflake embroidery on her back! So lovely! I am glad I waited to order this variant, especially after not ordering the Halloween variants this year.

A new series TPS has is the Wanbons. Like how Meowchis are like cat-mochi (though I think that theme isn’t so strong anymore….), the Wanbons are like dog-bonbons.  There are actually 6 variants to start with, but I ordered (left to right) Corgi, Shiba and Pug. There is also Pomeranian, German Shephard and Pitbull. I’ll probably get them at Nakakon or next time I decide to order a lot of cute shit. I still need the Mango and Lychee Meowchis.

These wanbons are made of a slightly different material than the meowchis. Still very soft, but much less squishy, and it seems the plushness is slightly less. I love how their faces are all unique (original meowchis had the same face and it’s only been more recently that variants have different faces).

Also, THEIR TAILS ARE SO CUTE. Corgi has a normal poof like tail, while Pug and Shiba have curly tails.

In addition to all the plushies I do not need (wait yes I do need them), I bought a lucky pack. Clearly, because I just want to throw all my money at TPS and I enjoy mystery surprises. The lucky pack has a bunny ear ribbon head band, two bunny ear scrunchies (they only sell these at conventions and not their online store), some buttons, two keychains, a green zombpaca lanyard, an earjack protector, some phone charms and a necklace.

I don’t think the proposed Koneko Yo series was very popular. I wasn’t really into it. But now I have a bunch of buttons for it. Their site doesn’t show any Koneko Yo merchandise anymore, so either it’s going away (the way of their old hairclips….T_T) or redesigning mechandise. Oh well. Also, a cute Udon Kitten necklace.

That “limited edition” keychain from last Christmas, which I now have 3 damn copies of (from here, from ordering last year, and as a random gift when I bought stuff at Nakakon this year…they make nice little Christmas tree ornaments though) and a Chiirii Bunny keychain.

The earphone protector is shaped like the bunny ear part of the scrunchie shown. The scrunchies are great neck decoration for the Zombpaca plushies, but all of mine already have a decorative scrunchie so I guess I’ll use these in my hair. For lil phone charms, there is a little giraffe and the red Koneko Yo kitty. Cute, but also not cute enough where I would be sad if it got messed up while being used as a keychain/phone charm (the ultimate fate of all keychains/phone charms is to be scuffed beyond recognition).

As expected, I am very happy with this order. The lucky pack was kind of random, but none of it is stuff I am annoyed at.

In other news, my Dokidoki crate shipped and I didn’t order Yume Twins this month. Come 2017, I may cancel both so I can start super saving. Also, I have since found several items from Dokidoki crates on ALIEXPRESS so I am going to make a big fuss about that. But first, I think I am getting a cold. Damnit.


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