3 weeks until 2017 – Cat’s Broom The Secret Garden JSK

Life in general is a mess right now, but I still put together a coord. Not wearing it today though.

Here is the lavender Cat’s Broom The Secret Garden JSK, a Clockwork Butterfly blouse, pink shoes, white solid tights and TWO headbands. I think this is cute, except I am just now noticing how drastically different the white of the blouse is compares to the tights (they’re old and need to be replaced so maybe that’s why) and the lace on the dress. Would an ivory or cream blouse work better here? It is something to keep in mind. Or perhaps the white blouse from H&M might be a closer shade?  After wearing the black version of this blouse last weekend, I am confident that event though it is a little tight at the shoulders, I can wear this comfortably. Also, you may recall that I was able to slim down enough to fit into this dress a bit ago. I haven’t tried it on again since, and I think I’ve gained a little weight back, so I need to slim down AGAIN for this dress. I still cannot understand how the measurements say it should fit up to 88cm waist and 100+cm bust and then it be tight on me when my measurements are definitely lower.

Anyway, I need a steamer for the blouse. Tried to iron it, but then saw the tag says no ironing. Tried the old “boil some water in a teapot to steam it” method but it obviously didn’t work. Another method is to hang it up while showering. I just need to buy a steamer. It will definitely be worth it.

SO top left is just detail of the front of the bodice. Top right is the Latasa shoes and off brand Target plain solid tights. You can especially see how the blouse is cool white and the tights are warm white.

The bottom two panels show the two different headdresses. On the left is a purple flower veil that I bought at Nakakon this past year simply because it was cute. I didn’t have any particular plans for it. I think I wore it with a lilac dress. On the right is the pink flower headband that came with this dress (also goes with the other Cat’s Broom dress).

The veil from the purple flower headdress seems to match the lace in the dress, but I question if purple flowers on the headdress and pink flowers on the print really go together. On the other hand, it looks like the pink ribbon on the pink flower headdress might not match the pink ribbons on the dress, which is kind of confusing.

Only 2 more weeks left! The only two dresses I haven’t made coords of for this countdown project are my F+F Enchanted Forest dress and F+F Chiffon Lover in lavender. I have worn both of them before though.  I think I’ve worn my F+F Enchanted Forest dress the most times (Nakakon and then Paradiso) Next weekend is Christmas with one side of the boyfriend’s family, then the weekend after is Christmas with the other side of his family, so I will have to find different times to dress up. I will make it work out somehow.


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