December 2016 Doki Doki Crate

I already cancelled. I need to save up money, for future moving and such. It stinks, but oh well. If my savings goals go successfully, then I might resubscribe sometime next year. If not, then, well, I won’t. I decided this a bit ago, so whether this crate was good or bad would not have affected the outcome.

It’s the 1 year anniversary so I expected it to be awesome. I expected a neat wearable. A shirt would be fine, or a hat. But first, the things I enjoyed about this crate!

Above, we have the monthly Hoppe (a Christmas Cupcake…I like), a Calvin plush from the exclusive Calvin and Coco the Homeroom Bears series (never heard of it before), a Mameshiba Cellphone Cleaner mini plush and a tiny Usa Loppy Squeaker.

A Coco plush would have been cuter. Why do I always get plushies of the boy charcters?? Take and that fish guy and now Calvin. Hmm. Also, this plush is small, so I feel like he needs a loop so I can attach it to a bag. It’s otherwise too small to be anything else but a bag charm. Maybe I will get bored and attach one myself.

The Mameshiba cleaner is cute and soft, but looks more like a bear than a Shiba dog.

The Usa Loppy Squeaker needs to be bigger to act as an appropriate stress toy. It’s cute, but they advertised this as a special bonus. Uh, what? Really? Also, some of the Usa Loppys are supposed to have a special code for a special prize. I did not get this so oh well. This would also be better as a keychain than a random little figurine. But it will go on the shelf with the other figurines.

Not even going to talk about the scratcher code, where all I won was 50% off from something in their store. The biggest of mehs.

And now for some disappointment. They advertised a winter wearable. I predicted some cute knit gloves or a scarf or hat. A cat ear knit hat would have been perfect. Instead, we get these furry-ish fingerless cat paw gloves. Ugh. Also, a cheapo pen with a pink pom pom at the end, and a scheduler that is clearly for children.

This is cute, but also dollar store quality. It’s got the soft vinyl cover, plastic binder rings inside, weak super thin paper. Perhaps because I have high standards for stationery, this is so annoying to me. Why can’t they just have cute and sturdy notebooks/planners in this crate? I’ll find some use for this.

Finally, a portable Usa Loppy eco-tote. THIS I like. It is cute. I can foresee keeping this in my bag and then using it when I suddenly need a bag. Probably for Nakakon to carry goodies around in and not overloading my purse. THIS was an awesome item to include.

This crate was pretty meh, but there are a few items I really like. That said, I’m pretty okay with cancelling this subscription for now. Ironically, the Japan Crate family is starting their loyalty program NEXT month, so I will miss out on all the sweet points. Ugh.

And Yume Twins has apparently revamped also, starting next month. So my self-induced frugality is going to mean missing out on all the exciting changes. UGH. Maybe if I get depressed and am well behaved next month, I’ll get myself February boxes (for Valentine’s Day!).



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