Sargent Mittens

Yesterday afternoon, December 13 2016 at 4:39pm, I had to put my beloved old kitty Sargie to sleep. She was very old, and she was very sick.

For the past year, she has been on thyroid medicine, and we had been monitoring her kidney activity. She had early signs of kidney disease. The the past few days, she stopped eating and drinking. The vet said she had developed ulcers in her mouth, which explained the not wanting to eat or drink. I could have hospitalized her, but it most likely would not have done much to help. Her organs were already shutting down, and at her age (just turned 19 last month), it may just cause her extreme stress.

Sargie was the best kitty ever. She loved human food (especially potatoes) and got along pretty well with dogs (and would co-exist with other cats) and was very shy but nice to new people. She loved to cuddle and sleep with people at night. Sargie was very consistant and demanding about when she was to be fed. Whenever I would come home from somewhere, she would decide that meant it was dinner time. I spoiled her rotten, but she deserved it 100%. We would do a forehead bump thing, which I think cats do to indicate that they consider you a friend. Sarge was my dearest friend, and probably the friend I’ve known the longest (19 years!) We got her as a kitten in 1997, when a neighbor found a bunch of kittens in a dumpster. I picked her out after finding her hinding under the neighbor’s table. She loved to hide under tables her entire life.

I wanted to share some pictures of Sarge from the last few years. Pretty much since I got a smart phone and could take all the cat pictures ever.

2011 Sargie enjoyed naps and sitting in the window. In 2011, she turned 14, which is pretty old for a cat anyway, but she was still pretty active.

2012 Sargie enjoyed rubbing her face on shoes and making silly faces at me while upside down.

2013 Sargie enjoyed sunshine and begrudgingly being hugged.

2014 Sargie loved Christmas (she stopped trying to climb the Christmas tree many years ago) and still loved to nap.

2015 was when Sargie started to get sick. She became fond of sleeping on towels. But she still enjoyed her windows.

2016 Sargie was very good at naps. Up until the end, she would wait by the front door for me to come home so I could feed her, and she would randomly have bursts of energy to dart around. She mostly slept with Mom at night, but these last few nights, she slept in my room with me. Perhaps it was because Mom was sick in the hospital, or maybe she wanted to be with me.

Many cat selfies from the past 5 years.

I miss her dearly.


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