2 Weeks until 2017 – Angelic Pretty Rose Museum Special Set

Wait, is it cheating because I was doing this countdown and said I wouldn’t get new dresses til after the countdown? WHOOPS.

It is cold and icy as hell outside, and I was originally going to dress up (in something else actually) and go shopping, but the weather has emotionally defeated me. I need to move somewhere warm after I graduate. Or somewhere with good public transport so I won’t have to drive on icy roads. However, since I am staying home inside, I made a few coords of my beloved blue Rose Museum. I still haven’t tried it on yet, but I think I’ll wear this dress to Nakakon in 2017, so I’ll try it on before then.

Top pictures are Rose Museum with a black blouse, tights and either Navy flats (right) or Black heels (left). Ideally, I would want dark blue (but not quite navy) shoes to go with this, but that will be kind of tough to find. I think I’ll look at Bodyline and Taobao for those, since I highly doubt AP makes shoes in my size. Antaina is a good show shop, so I hear.

Bottom left is just the JSK by itself. The blues in this dress are a lot darker than what I imagined, which is why I am even giving it a shot with black. Bottom right is the JSK coordinated with a white blouse and tights, and again the black heels. The navy flats may work here also, but the navy is a bit too dark.

One of the complaints I heard about Rose Museum was that the print reminds people of “lazy clip art”, but I think it’s really pretty. The material also has these shimmer spots in it, but not sure what that is.  There is some gold trim on this dress, so if I was extra fancy, I could try out gold shoes (ha I’m not sure I am quite that advanced yet) and should wear gold jewelry also.

Another concern is that the headband bow stands up, so I will need to figure out what to do with my hair so it doesn’t look unbalanced and out of place. I am very excited to wear this dress though. ❤


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