Winter 2016 Pusheen Box

Ta da we have now had a full year of Pusheen boxes! The first box was last winter, and now we have a second winter box.

I love how the boxes are different every time. I want to hang onto them, but what do I do with them?? Also, here is a small Devil Kitty

There is a scarf and some gloves. PAY ATTENTION DOKI DOKI CRATE THIS IS THE STYLE OF GLOVE YOU SHOULD HAVE INCLUDED not that furry abomination. So we have some convertible mitten gloves, where they are fingerless gloves but have a mitten part also. Very cute. Also a longcat-style Pusheen scarf. It is made of polyester felt, so not a super high quality material, but it IS warm. I believe a long time ago, Lolita Kisama/Lokisa/Visual You sold a similar design of one of their original characters that is now lost to the annals of the internet.

Next we have some wrapping paper with tags, some deco tape and a stamp set! Super fun! I am not gonna wrap any presents this year (going the ol’ ‘put everything in a giftbag with paper’ route), but the tags may come in handy. Stamps are pretty fun, but the ink pad will probably dry out soon, knowing my luck.

Some Pusheen battery operated lights. They are cute but I am unsure what to do with them. Too small to use to decorate my room, but too large to stick on the small Christmas tree I have. Perhaps next year, I can use them on a Christmas tree?

Before opening them up, I was SUPER excited for the thermos and tea strainer. The thermos is pretty small though (only holds 280ml), and it smells weird. I will wash it first. Also, the box says hand wash only (ok), but the bottom of the thermos says dish washer safe. What the heck? My final concern on the thermos is that the little whiskers, while cute, are likely to get pulled off once the lid is opened. It would have been better to simply paint the whiskers on, instead of having them stick out.

I do not currently own a tea strainer (I just put tea in little disposable bags, or buy bagged tea), but there will generally be a metal sphere with holes and then the decorations will be plastic. This tea infuser is 100% soft silicon (I think).  It also smells weird, but is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and thankfully labeled as “foos safe”. NO SHIT??!?! I am kind of suspicious of this, and it is sad because a tea infuser shouldn’t be that tough to design.

The vinyl figurine this month is also very cute. I wasn’t ever expecting much of the figurines, but I have been pleasantly surprised. This could be a legitimate addition to my collection of Christmas decorations! So that’s pretty awesome.

Once again, the Pusheen box has been pretty awesome.


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