Merry Christmas….?!

Tonight was my family’s annual Christmas Eve party! It isn’t Christmas Eve until Saturday, but one brother works Saturday, so we did it today. And it was easier since everyone has spouse-Christmases to go to this weekend.


Since Mom isn’t so healthy these days, I was in charge of coordinating the dinner and making most of the food. I made cream puffs (actually, my boyfriend’s Mom’s recipe), fried chicken (Mom’s recipe, which I made yesterday and then ate cold today), and meatballs (Grandpa’s recipe, which Mom has made yearly til now). We also had cold cuts and crackers, pickled relishes and pigs-in-a-blanket. Originally, both brothers were going to bring deviled eggs, but they both failed and so there were no deviled eggs at all.

It was the first time we had a family get together with everyone’s significant others too! My boyfriend, Mom’s boyfriend, the sister-in-law and the other brother’s fiancee were all able to make it. I hope we didn’t scare them too much. 🙂

For Christmas, I got some gift cards, two electric blankets (they were both requested), a vegetable brush (it was requested), a silk scarf and a leather journal. Pretty simple but I’m happy. I’d ask for more hobby related things, but I don’t want to bother my family with trying to look up the correct anime thing, or the correct lolita thing. :p Just give me normal things instead so I can spend my money on my hobbies myself.


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