Long Ears & Short Ears The Kingdom of Fairies

LE&SE has advertised this print, and I was hoping I would hate the cuts even though the print is very pretty. Sadly, the cuts are so very pretty and I want these dresses.

Actually, I like every color of this print. Lavender and light green look so airy and fairy-like. Emerald looks so elegant. Grey-black looks very elegant and gothic-ish. There are three dress cuts and a skirt, and if I was rich, I would get one of each. Alas, I am instead thinking of getting the OP and the JSK.

The larger OP has a bust of 90-100cm and an underbust of 80-90cm. Measured myself and I can fit. There is the option of custom sizing, which would increase the bust to 100-120cm (and probably the waist up a little too). Honestly, I think I’d only want it up to 105cm, so custom sizing might be too much? I don’t mind paying the extra amount if it means it will fit much better. I feel a bit burned by the Mushroom Kingdom JSKs…though that was to fit up to 94cm bust so actually 90-100cm will be great. The OP comes in a long and a short version. I will have to consider which one I’d like better.


The headpiece options are a flat headpiece with a removeable veil (shown above), a headbow with a veil, a bonnet (LOL no thanks) or a round flower hair piece with a veil.  I am thinking for the OP, I’ll pick the flat headband with the veil.

There are two JSK options. This is JSK I, and then there is a second one that strangely has a petal overlay similar to the F+F Puck’s Prank JSK…except it isn’t removable. So the first JSK wins out clearly. This JSK has a long (kind of awkward) sash which can also act as a shawl.  There is also a bead chain at the front, which is very pretty. The lavender color way was my immediate choice, but as you’ll see, I am almost doubting that as well. But the lavender looks so light and airy and sweet.  Is this a sweet print? Is this classical? Is it some kind of hybrid that will anger traditional lolitas if a hybrid style is mentioned?

Anyway, this dress has a large size with a bust of 94-102cm and a waist of 74-82cm. So yes I can fit this also. Thank you LESE for making dresses a slightly larger size.

I have a weakness for veils. I think it would be a little repeatitive to get two of the same kind of headpiece, so I wonder if I should try the headbow+veil combo for one of the dresses.

So originally, I was going to get Lavender and one of the greens, probably Emerald. The print is so pretty. LESE has mentioned that this may not be color-true, since it is a difficult color to photograph. Emerald is so pretty. However, I don’t really like the gold ruffle at the bottom or the sash. The silver of the lavender is much nicer.

Light green also has the nice airy feel that lavender has, but the ruffles at the bottom remind me of tassles on a lamp shade. They are legitimate ruffles though. It looks nice as the other JSK cut, but I can only afford two dresses right now.

Preorders opened today and end January 15th (or until orders are filled up). Hopefully, I can get the grey-black OP and JSK I in one of the colors, plus matching head wear. Maybe I will get two OPs instead, since blouses are such a hassle for me. Perhaps I will get a second OP later after preorders end and the first OP fits me well (I hope ( ̄◇ ̄;) I’ll wait til after my first paycheck of 2017 to preorder these, and they are scheduled to arrive in April.


6 thoughts on “Long Ears & Short Ears The Kingdom of Fairies

  1. You are much better at the whole self-control thing than I am….
    I got:
    3 OP’s. Lavender, light green, emerald.
    JSK II in light green and lavender
    JSK I in emerald.

    I guess this is what it means to fall in love with a series, since I love absolutely everything about it/each cut and just…couldn’t pass them up. Plus custom sizing is my friend!

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