1 week til 2017 – F+F Enchanted Forest JSK

Merry Christmas! It was a busy weekend so I threw this coord together at the very last minute. And thus, it is not great.

The Enchanted Forest JSK that started everything for me. ♡ With it, my long sleeved blouse AND the necktie included. I do not have anything that would work as a headpiece. F+F makes a little hat to go with this print, but it’s a dumb looking hat. I think if I could find a beret that is the same color of mint, grey or blueish grey, then that would be nice. A headbow would be nice too.

Plain white tights and black flats for footwear. I’ve worn my navy flats with this dress before, but the more I think about it, those don’t really match either, so I may as well mismatch my shoes differently this time.

Also not a huge fan of how the straps on this JSK are manually tied. It’s nice because it is adjustable, but annoying because it looks sloppy. I think eventually I am going to sew them to the right measurement and then make the bows permanent or just have there be no bows. I don’t know yet.

Realistically, I would wear a jacket or coat over this outfit and go grocery shopping.

(´ー`) Mostly because it is cold out (actually today it was 60F but in general is it cold out).



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