Angelic Pretty Spring 2017 Collection and other musings

As I save up for the Pink Rose Museum JSK, I occasionally check the US and Japanese sites to see if it is still in stock. At the US site, only Mint and Lavender remain. The Lavender looks very much like the blue so no point in that. On the Japanese site, Pink and Ivory (as well as Lavender) remain, and I think Mint is sold out? Maybe? Considering, it is now “Pink > Ivory > Mint > nevermind” as far as what colorways I want, I am not too worried yet.

On the Lolita Updates Facebook page, some pictures of the Spring 2017 collection popped up!

First is Brilliant Princess Story. It looks very princess-y and kind of over the top, but is’s also kind of elegant and dreamy which is why I like it. This is probably the one piece dress, and I’m curious to see what the JSK would look like. Also, what other colors? I foresee red, and probably pink. Maybe lavender will be one?

The name “Dreamy Perfume” is kind of silly to me (this is a theme in Angelic Pretty print naming….it’s bizarre) but in this picture, this dress looks cute.  Kind of reminds me of True Rose Story, but not roses and I really like the lavender. Except for the huge-freaking flower in the middle of the chest…that is a bit much. This is obviously another over the top Princessy dress.

This one is called Ribbon Berry Bunny. This picture is lower quality than the other one, but this is the pink colorway while the other was yellow. I want the pink colorway of this. This can be my one (and probably only) ridiculous strawberry print dress. It seems as if almost all Sweet Lolitas have at least one strawberry and/or cherry print dress. There is a print called Milky Cherry also being released but I don’t like it so much. But also, there are bunnies on here. BUNNIES. I suppose the yellow colorway is okay, and I bet there will be blue and one more (there are usually 4 colorways…)

Last but definitely not least is Romantic Cat. I want a cat dress. This is a very cute cat dress. I am kind of annoyed with myself that I never got a Princess Cat Tiered JSK(even though the special set is floating around still and secondhand is always an option…), so this might be a good cat dress to get instead. I actually really like this exact dress, except I’ll probably need a JSK instead. But this shade of blue-lavender-periwinkle is really nice.

Maybe I should only get one LE&SE dress and save up for one of these instead.  Especially since I really don’t need to have duplicate prints ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Bah


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