Angelic Pretty True Rose Story Special Set

Angelic Pretty will be the death of me…or at least my wallet. Or maybe not. I’ve mentioned before how I want the pink True Rose Story JSK, but I have been waffling on it a bit. Maybe I would rather just save to get Rose Museum more quickly, or save for one of the new prints I like.

And then they throw this out for New Years (along with another special set, and three lucky packs)

I like this better than the actual JSK. The problem with the actual set is that it is almost TOO over the top for me. This brings down the OTT-ness.  Also, that price is great.

So I decided already that I need this, but no word from AP USA on it, so I turn to a buying service to see if they can reserve it for me. It may be a bloodbath, so I decide to spare them (for now…but I think once I get to buying Rose Museum, I’ll use them to get it from AP Japan) and dive head first into the wacky world of Tenso.

Tenso is a forwarding service. I register with them, give them my ID (not nervous about that at all…meep) and use the address they provide when buying stuff. Angelic Pretty recommended Tenso for their international customers, so it should work out fine. Got registered at Tenso and at the AP website, so all I need to do now is wait to see when the special set (and a variety of lucky packs I am ignoring) goes on sale and hope I can order it exactly when it goes up for sale. That has been a good method when I got my other special sets.

Should I fail, I will go ahead and buy the two LE&SE dresses. Should I succeed, I am only getting one LE&SE dress.

And now, to stay up past bedtime and make some damn cookies because my brother’s graduation took TOO DAMN LONG this evening. :]


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