1 DAY until 2017 – F+F Chiffon Lover

Actually, it is already 2017 in some places. Happy New Year! But it is still 2016 here and I wore my final lolita coord of the year.

Here, I have the Fanplusfriend Chiffon Lover JSK in lavender with a Target Cardigan, plain white tights, very much-not lolita black shoes and a lavender scarf to help color balance things. In theory I am wearing a long sleeve lolita appropriate blouse, but no one would see it under the cardigan so who knooooows. I would not be this lazy if I was going to go out with other people wearing lolita fashion.

But it was cold and I needed more layers.

So on top of the cardigan, I wore a light purple jacket (this kind of matches??!?) and decided to switch out my lavender scarf for my new Pusheen scarf because to hell with 2016 and your rules and stuff. Also the Pusheen gloves, but then I got too hot and took them off. Lol.

I wore this outfit to go to Aldi and then all the Asian grocery stores I needed to hit up. I want to try making tempura with lotus root, but I could only find lotus root in packs of 2 or more. What the heck am I going to do with so much of it? Was able to find taro root and daikon radish (other recipes I want to try) and saw that they sell Japanese sweet potato at one of the stores, so need to remember that for other recipes I want to try. Had a hell of a time tracking down silken tofu and sweet white miso but eventually found em. I wanted plain, unfilled mochi, but accidentally bought some red bean mochi. I don’t even like mochi but there’s a soup recipe I want to try that includes it so I was gonna give it a chance and then I buy the wrong thing. And the store won’t let you return frozen food. I guess either tomorrow I go back and try again, or I get some sweet rice flour and try the old microwave mochi trick (which I did, and it worked, except I learned that I don’t really like mochi in this first place).

I did get to eat this delicious egg tart though. Egg tarts are wonderful. Happy 2017.


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