Tea and Me

There are several things I have a weakness for. Cute and kawaii goods. Sailor Moon merchandise. Stationery and journaling items. Tea. Today, we are addressing the last thing on this list.

I have a large collection of tea, because clearly I need to have all the flavors available to me at all times. When I go to lab, I usually start the day with some black tea. After dinner, I usually drink several cups of herbal tea, and lately, decaffinated green tea.  I almost never drink caffinated tea after noon, except on seminar days because you need caffeine to sit through a seminar. Last seminar, I drank peppermint tea and by the end I couldn’t stay awake. Peppermint is even supposed to help you wake up!

Part of the reason I have so much tea is because if I see I am starting to run low, I go buy more. And then maybe will randomly get a new flavor, or a backup of something else I like. And then I end up with two shelves full of tea.

I need to clear off the shelf.

I am going to try to drink it all up. Gradually, I will take the caffinated teas to lab as I drink up what I keep there (usually a variety pack of Twinings) and of course, continue drinking up the un-caffinated tea I have at home. But I will have to use the loose tea all at home because it would be way too messy to deal with in lab.

The final goal of this is so I can simplify my tea shelf. And then probably make a big order from Twinings online store and/or Stash Tea to get all the flavors again. :p

My favorite Stash teas are Peach Black Tea, White-Green Fushion, Jasmine Green and Lemon Ginger. My favorite Twining Teas are Jasmine Green, Jasmine Earl Grey (it exists!), Pomegranate Delight and Lady Grey. Favorite Tazo teas are Calm Chamomile, Wild Sweet Orange and Flowering Honeybush. I think I’ve mostly out grown Celestial Seasonings, but their Sleepytime Peach is the greatest thing ever.



Angelic Pretty Laforet Grand Bazaar

I am too poor for this nonsense, but luckily it appears to be entirely an in-person sale from Jan 26 to Jan 30, in Japan, far from me. I suppose I could, in theory, try to find a shopping service for this, but I don’t really care to.

So instead I will just muse over the special sets I would buy (in theory) if I was rich and was going to be in Japan this week. :p

Never really had an interest in Melty Sky, but…if I was there and had money to burn, I would buy it. I’d get the pink/lavender colorway. How can a sky be melty? Never change, AP, never change.

Wasn’t too into Heavenly Cross when it was first released, and then there was the red/black special set that everyone lost their mind over. It looked awesome. Awesome enough that I would buy pink/white Heavenly Cross if the circumstances were right (i.e. I had money to burn while in Japan and managed to get a ticket to get in line for this sale).

Holy Lantern had a release, and then a re-release, and NOW a special set?! It’s cute. I like it. I would get it in pink and lavender if the stars aligned such. But people like to complain about how it is too popular. It is very popular…

But even if it is popular, I don’t think I would buy it secondhand. I don’t like it that much.

According to the AP site, to get a special set, you have to arrive before 9:30am Thursday or by 11:30am on the other days, and the first 30 or so people will be shuffled to get a ticket to buy a special set. Actually, it seems best to get there by 9am/11am respectively. Hell, I would probably get in line much earlier than that. And to think I used to make fun of people who would wait long periods of time to get the new iPhone/Game Console/whatever. I think after the shuffle time, you may still be able to get a coupon, but I would hope I wouldn’t have to risk it.

I got this information from AP’s site.

Coord of …last weekend

I lied. I didn’t wear either of the outfits I thought up before.

I ended up wearing my fancy new True Rose Story Special Set JSK to the meet last Saturday. It was me and two other girls (one I had met but hadn’t gotten a chance to chat with much before, so I’m glad we got to talk a bit more) at the movie, and then more showed up to eat pastries later. The movie (Sailor Moon R) was just as cheesey as expected from 90s Sailor Moon, and so I had a pretty good time.

I tried a sweet potato pastry. Mostly because by the time we got there, it was slim pickings, but it was pretty tasty.

Getting dressed was a hassle on Saturday. First, I tried the blouse and a beige undershirt, since it was supposed to be warm. This seemed to look okay. Then the pink skirt. No. Nooooo. I tried different layers of petticoat, but it just didn’t look right to me. I’ve worn this skirt before and I guess I though it looked fine before. Maybe with this particular blouse, it’s no good. So at the last minute, I decided to wear my True Rose Story and it was wonderful.

I wore the shoes I originally planned to wear, but I think that my other pink shoes may work better, or perhaps I should think about some dark rose (not magenta) shoes. I also was worried about my hair, so I just wore it down and wore the headbow. I was really worried about the headbow sticking up, but apparently you can kind of move it so the bow sits more flat on your head. THAT I am 1000% okay with.

The HM pink cardigans I got are both warm pink. They definitely do not go with the pink skirt and I’ll have to check if they go with anything else. Damnit. I suppose the worst case scenario is that I have them for normal wear. The light blue looks kind of weird also.

This was the first time I wore Angelic Pretty out of the house. ( ̄w ̄;) How exciting.

Mail Update

Sailormoon purse arrived, as did the gold ball chain for the necklace.
The H&M cardigans arrived: beige, powder rose, darker powder rose and light turquoise.  I’ll take pictures once I have better light, but THE.PINKS.DON’T.MATCH.

At least in the yellowed light of my bedroom at 10pm and there is no source of nature light to be seen…I will check again in better conditions. But upon first inspection, neh.

Also the beige sweater is an XL and the rest are L. The taupe brown one I have is L, but damn, I wish I had them all in the same size.

On top of all this, my AP True Rose Story Special Set arrived yesterday and it is so pretty in person. Again, when I have time and better light, I will take pictures. The fabric is thicker and so elegant feeling, The torso part is a little short and so it is almost a high waist cut when I tried it on. There is room to re-adjust the straps, but I’ll have to remove the button and re-sew it. I don’t mind doing this myself, but I worry that if I ever decide to resell the dress, it would count as altered. Hmm who knows. Anyway, Tenso was 10/10 awesome to deal with, so I will certainly use it again in the future. Next –> learn to Taobao on my own.

Anyway, I am ready for this weekend! Even though of the group, 3 of the 4 people I know from the com aren’t going afterall…for various reasonable reasons so I’m not upset, but I am a little nervous. I suppose this will be a good opportunity to get to know some of the other people.

Coord of the…next week

Originally, this weekend was my grocery shopping weekend. I planned to dress up and go grocery shopping. However, earlier this week, I learned there would likely be an ice storm this weekend, so I did my grocery shopping on Tuesday after lab. So no dressing up this weekend.

However next weekend, my Com is having their January Birthday meet where we all go see a movie (Sailor Moon!!!) and then go eat pastries. I decided to put together some potential outfits for the meet.

Outfit idea 1 is my long sleeve white blouse (with necktie), F+F chiffon lover pink skirt and brown cardigan. For shoes, I have the dusty pink platforms and I would wear solid white tights (not shown). I have a pink watch I think I would wear, even though it doesn’t work and I don’t even regularly wear watches but it would be a nice accessory. Not sure what I will do with my hair, but I have a pink hair bow I would wear. Considered using the pink flower headband that came with my Cats Broom dresses, but that might be too much for the rest of this outfit.

The blouse is pretty thin, so under it I would wear either a long sleeve white shirt or a cami (probably the shirt cause it is COLD).

The most exciting part of this outfit are the Sailormoon necklaces! The necklace of Sailormoon is one I got from the Tasty Peach Studios booth at Nakakon some year. They did a charity event one year, and this was some leftovers. The other neckace is one of the Miniaturely Tablet cases on a chain. I wish I had a completely gold ball chain to put it on, but instead it is the chain it came with connected to another one from an old necklace. If I can get one from Amazon before then (please USPS don’t let me down ♡), I will switch it out.

Outfit 2 is the same white blouse, but with the F+F Chiffon Lover blue JSK. Same shoes, same tights, same hair clip. Instead of the brown cardigan, I would wear this white cardigan I got from Target. Also, to try and add more pink into the outfit, I would use the pink bow pin that is from the Puck’s Prank JSK set. Not sure where to pin it though, so there are a few options here. At the side  of the JSK (top left) or at the waist (top right) or on the outside of the cardigan (both bottom panels). I will likely decide at the last minute.

I looked around my house to see if I have a Sailormoon purse (many pouches and a strapless handbag, but no real purse), so I ordered one from Amazon.

And now potential problems and criticisms with this outfit!

  • The shades of white between the blouse, white cardigan and tights don’t match. This is why I chose the brown cardigan for the skirt outfit- the mismatch is less obvious. Also why the JSK option lacks the blouse’s necktie.
  • Potential shoehorning in of pink with the JSK option. I am aware of this and unsure of how to fix it. Perhaps a pink cardigan would correct it. Actually no, that would absolutely fix this, except I don’t have a damn pink cardigan. Not yet anyway.


Moving on…

  • I’ll have to see what the shirt-under-sheer-blouse looks like, because it might look awful. But I am predicting that I will wear the cardigan the entire time so it may not be noticeable.
  • Of the many light pink hairbows I have, this one matches the best. However, it still doesn’t match perfectly.
  • Speaking of hair, what to do with hair anyway? Last time I went out, I had it pulled back with a floofy hairclip and that seemed to work out well. But we are going to be in a movie theatre so big hair (which I can’t really do anyway) is a bad idea. Just down with a bow in the back? Bow on the side? A braid? Ponytail? (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ

I have a lot to think about before next weekend, and a lot of praying to the delivery gods.  But I don’t think anyone in my Com would give me shit about any of this. As far as they are concerned, I am still a giant newbie, so if I do something stupid, they will be nice about it. Or so I hope.

Long Ears & Sharp Ears Lucky Pack/Special Sets 2017

I recall that last year, LE&SE did a lucky pack, but it was something I couldn’t fit so I didn’t get it. However, this year it appears they are going all out!

There’s a lucky pack and TWO special sets!

The Lucky Pack is 1 dress (50% chance of 2 dresses!), 1-3 tops or blouses, and 1-3 accessories, all for $130. That is less than the price of several of their dresses.  The possible prints are Goldfish & Fireworks (cotton Salopette), Museum Of Fairy (OP or JSK), The Curtain Is About To Open (print JSK or jacquard JSK), Der Seufzer der Eurydice (JSK), and The Great Voyage (OP or JSK). Not sure which JSKs in some cases, but they say that they will try to send you pieces that will fit. ❤

The first Special Set is Deer in the Mist, which has 4 pieces! The JSK, a white underdress, two hair bows and a pouch. All for $110. If it fit me (it won’t), then I’d order this.

The second Special Set is two new colorways of Der Seufzer der Eurydice, in brown and purple. These are $122 and include a JSK, headbow and a bag.

The brown is so very pretty. Even better is that the large size for the special set is a bit larger than the original! The original long JSK of Der Seufzer der Eurydice in large had a 96cm bust and 73cm waist, but these special colorways have a 100cm bust and 80cm waist for large.

These are all on sale from January 14 (20:00 Chinese time) t0 January 16 (20:00 Chinese time), JUST in time for the Kingdom of Fairies preorder to end. I already preordered mine, by the way.

Goldfish and Fireworks is cute, but I have no interest in salopettes.
I love the original Der Seufzer der Eurydice but as mentioned, the large JSK are a bit to small for me (but could it be worse than Mushroom Kingdom ha ha?)
Museum of Fairy is VERY cute, and I could fit JSK I and JSK II, but there is also the vest JSK which I don’t like, and can’t fit anyway.
The Curtain is About to Open is cute and I can fit both JSKs.
Not a fan of the Great Voyage print at all. Too pirate-y.

Unfortunately, I think LE&SE only has one blouse that would fit me also.

I really want to try the lucky pack, but I also already spent a lot this month. T_T Maybe next year I can get their lucky pack (which will have more Kingdom of Fairy stuff leftover from this year (・ωー)~☆ ♡)

Tenso Adventures

I got the email that my True Rose Story arrived at my Tenso address and I have since paid EMS shipping. Crap, $35 for EMS for one dress? For some reason I though it would be less. Oh well, it probably includes fees.  Anyway, according to tracking (which may be slow….), my package is still in Tokyo. But it arrived at Tenso and was shipped out by Tenso without issue, so that is a relief.

In other news, I got the grant for the Fly Meeting I am going to this year, so that will help me pay for traveling. Also, my family is driving me completely bonkers, and there is supposed to be an ice storm this weekend. T_T