Happy 2017!

2016 sucked in many ways, but was also pretty awesome in many ways also. For example:

  • I decided to be serious about lolita fashion, and am now somehow part of a comm.
  • Watched some pretty good anime (Yuri on Ice, One Punch Man, Tanaka is Always Listless, Oshiete Galko-chan, Kiss Him Not Me, Love Live Sunshine)
  • Got to travel a bit (Orlando and San Fransisco)
  • Ran a 5K with my boyfriend!
  • Ran 82.6 miles on the treadmill or outside (this includes the 5k)
  • Got to see Nobuo Uematsu live in concert (Earthbound Papas)
  • Skyrim :]
  • Went to Ren Fest with my boyfriend and friend
  • Boyfriend came to family Christmas for the first time ever

For 2017, I have many goals.

  • Continue being serious with lolita fashion. There are many goals here. That could be its own post.
  • Run another 5k! Or even multiple 5ks!
  • Run 100 miles (this was my 2016 goal but I failed…but I’m not upset. I did pretty damn good)
  • Watch more good anime (just started Re:Zero today and it’s good. No wonder so many like it!)
  • Read 12 books (I finished 10 in 2016)
  • WRITE A DISSERTATION, GET PUBLISHED, GRADUATE AND FIND A JOB (this is one goal because need to do all 4 to be successful with this PhD thing)
  • Eat more vegetables (•‿•)
  • Budget more carefully. ¬_¬

I am unsure of what the future will bring, but I want to do my best to make it enjoyable and happy.


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