True Rose Story Special Set Bloodbath?

I knew the AP online store would release the lucky packs and special sets on January 5th, but wasn’t sure if at noon (so January 4th 9pm CST) or when. They finally made a post a few hours ago that the release would be at 3pm (so midnight January 5th). That makes sense somehow?

So all evening, I camped at the AP site, and made sure I was logged in and my Tenso address already filled in and everything. Midnight came….

AND THE ANGELIC PRETTY SITE WAS SO SLOW. Finally, under New Arrivals (or Jumperskirts, since I noticed the Princess Cat Special Set is still in stock, and under Jumperskirts), things loaded and there was my True Rose Story Special Set.

Loaded forever at every click. From Pink (last minute decided that the Black colorway was kind of cute so it could be a 2nd choice) to the address screen, to confirmation, to finally putting in credit card info, and AT LAST….

“Thank you for your purchase”

I GOT IT. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Now to wait for them to ship to Tenso and for Tenso to bill me for shipping and to hope that there are no kerfluffles along the way. Or that my credit card doesn’t get suspicious because it’s used in Japan (damnit it works with Amiami before so there shouldn’t be an issue).

Something fun I like to do is see how fast other things sell out. The 12800 Lucky Pack sold out really fast, and then about 20 minutes after the sale started, all the lucky packs and special sets were sold out. Is this a bloodbath? This is why I stayed up to buy it right away. At least my boyfriend is happy for me.

And now I need to sleep.


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