2015-2016 Wardrobe and 2017 Goals

It is a thing to post one’s lolita wardrobe at the end of the year, so here is what I have.

First, to begin with my embarassing past!

I bought this lolita skirt at my very first anime con in 2011. There was another skirt I bought also but I can’t find it. Ha. Anyway, this is crap. But this is also the crap I wore to the Nakakon Tea Party in 2015. It was this skirt, the brown cardigan I have posted before (but isn’t in this post) and some normie shirt.  I’m sure whoever has pictures from the tea party though I was the most ita thing ever. (They weren’t wrong) Between 2011 and 2015, I tried to make some lolita clothes or style some normal clothes to be more lolita, but honestly, it was trash and I’m not digging up any pictures that may exist.

Late 2015 was when I bought these dresses from F+F. I consider this to be my first actual lolita pieces. I didn’t wear them until Nakakon 2016 though. F+F is kind of looked down on as a brand, but I’ve always had people give me compliments when I’ve worn these dresses. Maybe they don’t know what they’re looking at (non-lolitas) or are just being nice to my face or maybe this is some of F+F’s better stuff.

And now all the stuff I did buy in 2016!

All the Taobao dresses, which I got through Clobba. Left to right is Cat’s Broom The Secret Garden Normal Waist JSK, High Waist JSK (which I had to reattach the bows AGAIN omfg as I was prepparing to take this picture), Long Ears and Short Ears Mushroom Forest JSKs in Lavender and Brown. These are cute, but they’re all a bit too small for me despite what I measured and what they all say they should fit. But I don’t care about boobloaf. When it’s cold, I can just hide boobloaf with a cardigan anyway.


Very early 2016, F+F had a killer sale so I bought the two Chiffon Lover JSKs on the right. I should have bought them sooner so I could get a wider variety of colors. I love these dresses. They are simple. They fit well. I am going to forever kick myself for not acquiring the pink one when I had the chance. On the left are the two Puck’s Prank F+F dresses (the JSK and the OP). I very much like the prints, but the cuts are just okay the more I think about it. Also, the OP is just too big, but the next size down would have been too small. Damn.

With the sale last year, I got the Chiffon Lover skirts, where I was able to grab pink. I love this skirt. It is so comfy and soft. I don’t know why I have so much blue. In my head, my main colors are pink and lavender, but in reality, that is not the case. I have 7 pieces that are mostly blue, 3 lavender pieces and 4 pink pieces (meaning the pink and white, and pink and brown ones). I’ve worn these skirts with blouses but the combination of a plain white blouse and plain solid color skirt is kind of boring.

I finally got my first brand! Even though they are both special sets. I got the Aquarium Carnival Special Set because it was cheap and I kind of like the sassy dolphins. I would hope by now you already know my love for Rose Museum and the rare (is it really that rare though?) blue colorway (damn, blue again!)

Blouse collection from 2016. It is really hard to see the black ones, but I literally bought the same 3 blouses in black and white. The more solid F+F ones (top right) that I can wear with skirts (although it cannot be tucked in, but it’s ruffled so I don’t know). The very sheer half blouses (middle) that goes under JSKs exclusively. Finally, the long sleeve Clockwork Butterfly blouses which are kind of sheer so I am not sure if I can wear them with a skirt or not. Perhaps I should experiment with this first.

In 2017, I want more blouses and cardigans or boleros.

Accessories are fun but I am also not great at them yet. One of the nice things about AP special sets is that the katyusha comes with it. Also have hair clips for the LESE dresses, a flower headband for the Cats Broom dresses, and two offbrand flower headpieces that I probably should have though more about before buying them. Also some lace wristbands.

For future outfits, I need to make sure I have appropriate accessories. All of my F+F clothes don’t have a headpiece to match, so I need to work on that.

I won the Cream Parasol in a raffle, but bought the other three. I probably should have opted for a Navy one, with all the damn blue I have. Hah!

Shoes, my current enemy. Not even going to list tights here, because I have two varieties: plain white and plain black. If I can find fancier tights that are both affordable and fit, then those may be used. But it’s not a priority. My priority is shoes.

These are my two sweet lolita-style shoes, size 41. The left shoes are a bit tight while the right shoes fit okay but the buckle makes me anxious. I need to see how nice Antaina shoes are and how much of a hassle it is to actually get them. I would like to have another pair of pink shoes (these scuffed already!), as well as some lavender, light blue (for Aquarium Carnival), navy blue (for all the other stuff that is navy) and white shoes. I kind of want some gold shoes just for fun too.  The only issue with these style of shoes is that the heel means I have to have a spare set of non-heeled shoes to drive in, and I am clumsy so they will probably scuff easily.  Also, the bow on the left shoe is coming unglued. UGH I don’t know if I want to order shoes off Amazon anymore…

The bow flats I bought and was so excited that they could work with lolita. On second though, these may work with classic lolita.

These are other shoes I’ve had just from over the years. Two heeled maryjanes (one is leather and I’m not sure how to describe the other one), flat maryjanes and flat oxfords. These would be better suited for classic or maybe gothic lolita.

So I have some goals for 2017  (*-`ω´- )人

  • GET A DAMN STEAMER SO I CAN GET RID OF WRINKLES. Everything looks wrinkle-y as hell.
  • Figure out Taobao so I can get better sweet shoes, and accesories. All of my F+F outfits need a headpiece of some kind to go with it, and it’s probably the best option for finding an appropriate purse.
  • What the heck was I thinking, investing in all those parasols when I don’t have an appropriate purse yet?
  • Figure out what to do about my hair. I don’t want to deal with wigs, but I also don’t want to have bangs either.
  • There is no damn reason to have multiple dresses of the exact same cut in different colors.  Have some control.
  • Before getting any more main pieces (lol I have already ordered 2 this year ◔_◔), invest in staples like cardigans, blouses and accessories. Make it so there are multiple ways to wear what I have already.
  • Be healthier in general so I can fit into things better.
  • Dress up more often! I really enjoyed the countdown I did in 2016 so I should try to schedule days for myself where I dress up.

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