Long Ears & Sharp Ears Lucky Pack/Special Sets 2017

I recall that last year, LE&SE did a lucky pack, but it was something I couldn’t fit so I didn’t get it. However, this year it appears they are going all out!

There’s a lucky pack and TWO special sets!

The Lucky Pack is 1 dress (50% chance of 2 dresses!), 1-3 tops or blouses, and 1-3 accessories, all for $130. That is less than the price of several of their dresses.  The possible prints are Goldfish & Fireworks (cotton Salopette), Museum Of Fairy (OP or JSK), The Curtain Is About To Open (print JSK or jacquard JSK), Der Seufzer der Eurydice (JSK), and The Great Voyage (OP or JSK). Not sure which JSKs in some cases, but they say that they will try to send you pieces that will fit. ❤

The first Special Set is Deer in the Mist, which has 4 pieces! The JSK, a white underdress, two hair bows and a pouch. All for $110. If it fit me (it won’t), then I’d order this.

The second Special Set is two new colorways of Der Seufzer der Eurydice, in brown and purple. These are $122 and include a JSK, headbow and a bag.

The brown is so very pretty. Even better is that the large size for the special set is a bit larger than the original! The original long JSK of Der Seufzer der Eurydice in large had a 96cm bust and 73cm waist, but these special colorways have a 100cm bust and 80cm waist for large.

These are all on sale from January 14 (20:00 Chinese time) t0 January 16 (20:00 Chinese time), JUST in time for the Kingdom of Fairies preorder to end. I already preordered mine, by the way.

Goldfish and Fireworks is cute, but I have no interest in salopettes.
I love the original Der Seufzer der Eurydice but as mentioned, the large JSK are a bit to small for me (but could it be worse than Mushroom Kingdom ha ha?)
Museum of Fairy is VERY cute, and I could fit JSK I and JSK II, but there is also the vest JSK which I don’t like, and can’t fit anyway.
The Curtain is About to Open is cute and I can fit both JSKs.
Not a fan of the Great Voyage print at all. Too pirate-y.

Unfortunately, I think LE&SE only has one blouse that would fit me also.

I really want to try the lucky pack, but I also already spent a lot this month. T_T Maybe next year I can get their lucky pack (which will have more Kingdom of Fairy stuff leftover from this year (・ωー)~☆ ♡)


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