Coord of the…next week

Originally, this weekend was my grocery shopping weekend. I planned to dress up and go grocery shopping. However, earlier this week, I learned there would likely be an ice storm this weekend, so I did my grocery shopping on Tuesday after lab. So no dressing up this weekend.

However next weekend, my Com is having their January Birthday meet where we all go see a movie (Sailor Moon!!!) and then go eat pastries. I decided to put together some potential outfits for the meet.

Outfit idea 1 is my long sleeve white blouse (with necktie), F+F chiffon lover pink skirt and brown cardigan. For shoes, I have the dusty pink platforms and I would wear solid white tights (not shown). I have a pink watch I think I would wear, even though it doesn’t work and I don’t even regularly wear watches but it would be a nice accessory. Not sure what I will do with my hair, but I have a pink hair bow I would wear. Considered using the pink flower headband that came with my Cats Broom dresses, but that might be too much for the rest of this outfit.

The blouse is pretty thin, so under it I would wear either a long sleeve white shirt or a cami (probably the shirt cause it is COLD).

The most exciting part of this outfit are the Sailormoon necklaces! The necklace of Sailormoon is one I got from the Tasty Peach Studios booth at Nakakon some year. They did a charity event one year, and this was some leftovers. The other neckace is one of the Miniaturely Tablet cases on a chain. I wish I had a completely gold ball chain to put it on, but instead it is the chain it came with connected to another one from an old necklace. If I can get one from Amazon before then (please USPS don’t let me down ♡), I will switch it out.

Outfit 2 is the same white blouse, but with the F+F Chiffon Lover blue JSK. Same shoes, same tights, same hair clip. Instead of the brown cardigan, I would wear this white cardigan I got from Target. Also, to try and add more pink into the outfit, I would use the pink bow pin that is from the Puck’s Prank JSK set. Not sure where to pin it though, so there are a few options here. At the side  of the JSK (top left) or at the waist (top right) or on the outside of the cardigan (both bottom panels). I will likely decide at the last minute.

I looked around my house to see if I have a Sailormoon purse (many pouches and a strapless handbag, but no real purse), so I ordered one from Amazon.

And now potential problems and criticisms with this outfit!

  • The shades of white between the blouse, white cardigan and tights don’t match. This is why I chose the brown cardigan for the skirt outfit- the mismatch is less obvious. Also why the JSK option lacks the blouse’s necktie.
  • Potential shoehorning in of pink with the JSK option. I am aware of this and unsure of how to fix it. Perhaps a pink cardigan would correct it. Actually no, that would absolutely fix this, except I don’t have a damn pink cardigan. Not yet anyway.


Moving on…

  • I’ll have to see what the shirt-under-sheer-blouse looks like, because it might look awful. But I am predicting that I will wear the cardigan the entire time so it may not be noticeable.
  • Of the many light pink hairbows I have, this one matches the best. However, it still doesn’t match perfectly.
  • Speaking of hair, what to do with hair anyway? Last time I went out, I had it pulled back with a floofy hairclip and that seemed to work out well. But we are going to be in a movie theatre so big hair (which I can’t really do anyway) is a bad idea. Just down with a bow in the back? Bow on the side? A braid? Ponytail? (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ

I have a lot to think about before next weekend, and a lot of praying to the delivery gods.  But I don’t think anyone in my Com would give me shit about any of this. As far as they are concerned, I am still a giant newbie, so if I do something stupid, they will be nice about it. Or so I hope.


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