Mail Update

Sailormoon purse arrived, as did the gold ball chain for the necklace.
The H&M cardigans arrived: beige, powder rose, darker powder rose and light turquoise.  I’ll take pictures once I have better light, but THE.PINKS.DON’T.MATCH.

At least in the yellowed light of my bedroom at 10pm and there is no source of nature light to be seen…I will check again in better conditions. But upon first inspection, neh.

Also the beige sweater is an XL and the rest are L. The taupe brown one I have is L, but damn, I wish I had them all in the same size.

On top of all this, my AP True Rose Story Special Set arrived yesterday and it is so pretty in person. Again, when I have time and better light, I will take pictures. The fabric is thicker and so elegant feeling, The torso part is a little short and so it is almost a high waist cut when I tried it on. There is room to re-adjust the straps, but I’ll have to remove the button and re-sew it. I don’t mind doing this myself, but I worry that if I ever decide to resell the dress, it would count as altered. Hmm who knows. Anyway, Tenso was 10/10 awesome to deal with, so I will certainly use it again in the future. Next –> learn to Taobao on my own.

Anyway, I am ready for this weekend! Even though of the group, 3 of the 4 people I know from the com aren’t going afterall…for various reasonable reasons so I’m not upset, but I am a little nervous. I suppose this will be a good opportunity to get to know some of the other people.


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