Coord of …last weekend

I lied. I didn’t wear either of the outfits I thought up before.

I ended up wearing my fancy new True Rose Story Special Set JSK to the meet last Saturday. It was me and two other girls (one I had met but hadn’t gotten a chance to chat with much before, so I’m glad we got to talk a bit more) at the movie, and then more showed up to eat pastries later. The movie (Sailor Moon R) was just as cheesey as expected from 90s Sailor Moon, and so I had a pretty good time.

I tried a sweet potato pastry. Mostly because by the time we got there, it was slim pickings, but it was pretty tasty.

Getting dressed was a hassle on Saturday. First, I tried the blouse and a beige undershirt, since it was supposed to be warm. This seemed to look okay. Then the pink skirt. No. Nooooo. I tried different layers of petticoat, but it just didn’t look right to me. I’ve worn this skirt before and I guess I though it looked fine before. Maybe with this particular blouse, it’s no good. So at the last minute, I decided to wear my True Rose Story and it was wonderful.

I wore the shoes I originally planned to wear, but I think that my other pink shoes may work better, or perhaps I should think about some dark rose (not magenta) shoes. I also was worried about my hair, so I just wore it down and wore the headbow. I was really worried about the headbow sticking up, but apparently you can kind of move it so the bow sits more flat on your head. THAT I am 1000% okay with.

The HM pink cardigans I got are both warm pink. They definitely do not go with the pink skirt and I’ll have to check if they go with anything else. Damnit. I suppose the worst case scenario is that I have them for normal wear. The light blue looks kind of weird also.

This was the first time I wore Angelic Pretty out of the house. ( ̄w ̄;) How exciting.


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