Angelic Pretty Laforet Grand Bazaar

I am too poor for this nonsense, but luckily it appears to be entirely an in-person sale from Jan 26 to Jan 30, in Japan, far from me. I suppose I could, in theory, try to find a shopping service for this, but I don’t really care to.

So instead I will just muse over the special sets I would buy (in theory) if I was rich and was going to be in Japan this week. :p

Never really had an interest in Melty Sky, but…if I was there and had money to burn, I would buy it. I’d get the pink/lavender colorway. How can a sky be melty? Never change, AP, never change.

Wasn’t too into Heavenly Cross when it was first released, and then there was the red/black special set that everyone lost their mind over. It looked awesome. Awesome enough that I would buy pink/white Heavenly Cross if the circumstances were right (i.e. I had money to burn while in Japan and managed to get a ticket to get in line for this sale).

Holy Lantern had a release, and then a re-release, and NOW a special set?! It’s cute. I like it. I would get it in pink and lavender if the stars aligned such. But people like to complain about how it is too popular. It is very popular…

But even if it is popular, I don’t think I would buy it secondhand. I don’t like it that much.

According to the AP site, to get a special set, you have to arrive before 9:30am Thursday or by 11:30am on the other days, and the first 30 or so people will be shuffled to get a ticket to buy a special set. Actually, it seems best to get there by 9am/11am respectively. Hell, I would probably get in line much earlier than that. And to think I used to make fun of people who would wait long periods of time to get the new iPhone/Game Console/whatever. I think after the shuffle time, you may still be able to get a coupon, but I would hope I wouldn’t have to risk it.

I got this information from AP’s site.


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