Tea and Me

There are several things I have a weakness for. Cute and kawaii goods. Sailor Moon merchandise. Stationery and journaling items. Tea. Today, we are addressing the last thing on this list.

I have a large collection of tea, because clearly I need to have all the flavors available to me at all times. When I go to lab, I usually start the day with some black tea. After dinner, I usually drink several cups of herbal tea, and lately, decaffinated green tea.  I almost never drink caffinated tea after noon, except on seminar days because you need caffeine to sit through a seminar. Last seminar, I drank peppermint tea and by the end I couldn’t stay awake. Peppermint is even supposed to help you wake up!

Part of the reason I have so much tea is because if I see I am starting to run low, I go buy more. And then maybe will randomly get a new flavor, or a backup of something else I like. And then I end up with two shelves full of tea.

I need to clear off the shelf.

I am going to try to drink it all up. Gradually, I will take the caffinated teas to lab as I drink up what I keep there (usually a variety pack of Twinings) and of course, continue drinking up the un-caffinated tea I have at home. But I will have to use the loose tea all at home because it would be way too messy to deal with in lab.

The final goal of this is so I can simplify my tea shelf. And then probably make a big order from Twinings online store and/or Stash Tea to get all the flavors again. :p

My favorite Stash teas are Peach Black Tea, White-Green Fushion, Jasmine Green and Lemon Ginger. My favorite Twining Teas are Jasmine Green, Jasmine Earl Grey (it exists!), Pomegranate Delight and Lady Grey. Favorite Tazo teas are Calm Chamomile, Wild Sweet Orange and Flowering Honeybush. I think I’ve mostly out grown Celestial Seasonings, but their Sleepytime Peach is the greatest thing ever.



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