Nakakon Outfit Plans

Of course, this may all change. But I feel a bit better now that I have a vague idea of what to wear. Also, these are certainly not perfect. I will go ahead and say that my shoe and purse choice are not ideal.

So for Friday, I plan on wearing my AP Aquarium Carnival Special Set OP.

OP, matching headbow and some pearl accessories since there are pearls on the headbow. Thanks AP for allowing me to shoehorn those in! Also, not pictured are the plain white tights I always wear. For necklaces, I have a pearl necklace, a little turtle necklace (fits the theme!) and a TPS Zombie Unicorn necklace which I’m not sure why I think it would fit. Still undecided as to which necklace to wear.

I’m picking navy flats to wear, but better shoes would be

I have these in pink, and now know I want to buy 9.5 and not 9. The reason I don’t have these is that they would not get here in time. I would have had to order them in early January to avoid CNY madness and the usual 30-days-from-China delivery anyway. Next time I am in the mood to order all the shoes, I will get these, and also get the pink ones again in 9.5.(*-`ω´- )人

For Saturday, I want to wear my Long Ears and Short Ears Brown Mushroom Kingdom JSK.

White chiffon blouse, pearl bracelets (I don’t really want to wear wristcuffs to Nakakon), and the little hair bows that came with the dress. Here I have the lolita-appropriate pink shoes, but they hurt after awhile, so I am going to have some black flats stashed in my car and change into them at some point. Lolita rules be damned, I don’t want blisters on my feet. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Ideally, I would want a cute mushroom necklace. Instead, I have this cat eating a fishcake. Not sure if I will wear this one or what. If I find a cute necklace on Friday that I like better, then I’ll wear that instead. But one cannot depends on anime conventions to have good lolita stuff, even though the Lolita Collective *will* be there.

Once more trying to decide if any of those damn cardigans from H&M would work. This one kind of works, but I KNOW it doesn’t match my shoes. But then again, once I switch shoes, I will likely not give a crap.

For Sunday (and the Tea Party), I am going to wear my AP Blue Rose Museum Special Set.

This, plus plain black tights and the navy flats. I know lots of people hate the combination of black and dark blue/navy/etc, but the only other way I can think to coord this right now would be with a white blouse, gold shoes and accessories. I don’t have gold shoes yet. I don’t even have the shoes I *wanted* to wear with this dress yet. I guess as long as I avoid any photo shoots, I will probably be safe (well, safer…) from the rage of the internet.

Better shoes are these (from Antaina).

Some people in my com got together to do a Taobao order but the stars aligned against us, and there is a 0.1% chance of these getting here in time for me to wear. Sucks. They are going to get here eventually.

Still don’t have any great bag options that really match any outfits, but also my concern here was “can I carry all my stuff with me?” rather than matching. I got this bag last year and hope there will be more Sanrio/San-X tote bags this year that are cute like this.



This was going to go with the shopping post, but decided to separate it out instead.

The other day, my boss sat down with me for a good 10 minutes to try and discuss my future plans. T_T I wish I had been forewarned so I could bring more to the chat. First, if I am going to stay local, I could stay at school and teach for the fall (if someone else isn’t offered that job first) and then maybe one of the new incoming professors will want to hire me to help set up their labs. Actually, there are a few of them I would like to work for, so I would be open to that. Option 2 is get a postdoc at the local research institute. I have mixed feelings on this.

As far as I can remember, I have wanted to work at this institute, even as far as applying for undergrad summer positions, where I was rejected (and now, I see rightfully so cause I didn’t have any research experience). I tried to go to the grad school affiliated with them…and rejected. So I already expect to be rejected by this place, even though my boss says I should hold my head up high and be proud of my (very unpublished….) work, especially since I have hands-on experience with a model organism. u_u However, a professor from that place gave a talk here last year, and I am very interested in her work.

Actually, that professor and one of the potential professors here both study zebrafish, and use it in similar manners. I had lunch with them both also (even though they probably won’t remember me…), but from that experience, they seem like awesome mentors. That is exciting. Also, this place is super close and has a gym and is apparently a good place to work (but then again I have heard bad stories about particular labs there as well). There are a few other labs at the institute I might look into also, and also some other places in town too.  I am still keen on industry.

BUT. WHAT. IF. I. DO. WANT. TO. LEAVE??? I am exhausted taking care of my Mom, and if I stay in town, I just know that merely moving out will be a struggle because I will want to stay and take care of her. But I also need to move on with my life and live on my own (or rather, with my boyfriend). And I am also not confident that I will get a job in town either. Ha I need to try and remember my boss’s words about holding my head up high with my skills. ( ̄◇ ̄;)

There is a fly meeting coming up (ha ha I still need to make a poster too…please PCR gods stop jerking me around so I can finish the data I want to put on the poster!) so I need to go to my boss again and ask if he knows anyone who will be attending that he can introduce me to. And then on my own, poke around non-academia jobs as well. And get the damn CV done and start throwing it at people. ಠ◡ಠ

Shopping updates

I updated the image of items I have pre-ordered this year.

Everything past July is gonna have to be from Hobbylink because I have no idea where I will be. I am predicted Ruby and Yurio will be September releases, and then I am FREAKING DONE. Other than those two items, I am saving the rest for lolita and normal clothes.

Also, the latest update on the giant Meowchis is that no, they will not be shipped in March. They are looking at April or May now. Etc etc wanting to make sure they are just right blah blah and so on. I’m not actually upset, but more along the lines of of COURSE it will get delayed. I am very much looking forward to having giant meowchis. I imagine the boyfriend is going to eventually see my hoards of meowchis and other kawaii plushies and shake his head. 🙂


Holy Lantern for the 4th time

AP Tokyo is having (another?) anniversary fair this weekend, and guess what they are going to release?

THAT’S RIGHT, SOME MORE HOLY LANTERN. So if my count is correct, it was released a few years ago, then there was a MTO, THEN the special sets recently, and now again.

Because clearly, the CEO of Angelic Pretty (there is a CEO, right?) won’t rest until everyone has the opportunity to acquire some variant of Holy Lantern. I am unsure if it will only be those two colorways or if they’ll all be out. I think the blue colorway is new. I know there are wine, black, white, lavender and pink (and a teal replica floating around also), so blue must be new.

At the moment, I am poor and honestly, I still only want the pink and lavender special sets I posted about before.

Apparently the Carnival dress is a big deal too, but I think that is from before my time and I don’t particularly care for it.ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Also, it appears that Ribbon Berry Bunny is coming out soooon. Not this weekend since Wonder Fortune (a followup to the recently released Wonder Memories?) will be released (also at the Tokyo store and at the Sendai store, a special set for Wonder Memories. Much wonder, very wow). I am predicting next week is when Ribbon Berry Bunny comes out and there may be a special sale this weekend? Or at least the opportunity to see it in person? It is still too soon for my wallet so I hope it is wildly unpopular so I can save up and wait for it to go on sale in a few months.


Embroidery Projects

I actually got started doing embroidery again yesterday. Today has been too hectic, with errands and lab and my boss suddenly being inspired by my project again (it helps that there was a very interesting piece of data I presented Friday).

I made some handkerchiefs on Saturday, and Sunday, I tried this rose tutorial out for the first time.

They look kind of blobby, and the first few were kind of bad looking. I probably need more practice and to get back into the habit a bit more. It was kind of relaxing to sew a little bit, and also keep an eye on Mom while she was in one of her moods (that is a long story I will not be sharing).

I am going to sketch out some vines and add some little leaves also. I only made 4 handkerchiefs, so I have 3 more to go before moving forward. My plan is to have handkerchiefs that I will keep with me when I wear lolita. In everyday clothes, I don’t have second thoughts about wiping my hands on my jeans. They’re jeans, after all, and I don’t care. But with my nicer clothes, I need to be more careful. The ones I made so far are only about 8×8 inches, so I think the ones I make in the future will be a little larger.

Back to ita hell?

I want to get back into the habit of dressing up, but it has been difficult since this year started.

Gave that pink F+F skirt another shot. It’s comfy and cute and I love it, but I don’t feel like I can coordinate it properly anymore. Anyway, here is a normal blouse (I think I got it at HM or Forever 21), the F+F Chiffon Lover’s Skirt in pink, black tights and shoes. The HM cardigans I got don’t match so I don’t have a proper pink cardigan STILL. Damnit. Also, my petticoat is visible under this skirt.

So this is a super freaking ita outfit, but I wore it out today anyway. I’m not calling it lolita (check the tags if you don’t believe me) and I wasn’t going to see anyone I knew today anyway. But I felt pretty and if this is just some kind of twisted princess/gyaru/otasa no hime mess, then I guess that’s what it is.

I am waiting and watching for boleros and blouses that are cute, would fit, and I can afford. I really want some blouses I can just wear with a skirt. I think so far, the only blouses I have that really go with these skirts (cause I have this skirt in blue and white also) are the F+F Chiffon Lover blouses, and even those aren’t the greatest. I think my best bet for blouses that fit would be indie shops like Lady Sloth. But my current issue is that I have spent too much on anime merchandise, so it’s all my own fault.


Cherry Berry Cherry

New Kera came out, with more pictures of Angelic Pretty’s upcoming fruit prints!

Ribbon Berry Bunny in blue here.

I like the pink and the yellow. I guess red is a nice third pick, and I don’t like the blue at all. A lighter color of blue would have been nicer in my opinion. Oh well. This is pretty cute, but since I have effectively blown all my money on anime figurines and other stuff, I am going to refrain from this print for now. Maybe I can find it on sale or second hand, or there will be a special set later this year.

Creamy Cherry, huh?

At first, I didn’t like it, but now I think it might be okay. Again, I don’t like it enough to want to pay full price right away, but a special set later one might be worth it. I think the pink colorway is very cute, while the blue and black colorways are more mature and classic. I think a mint or lavender colorway would have been cute too. However, those are some BIG cherries on there.

I currently don’t have any fruit pattern dresses. This is why I am paying attention to these. Also, this means Romantic Cat will be coming out in April. I predict Cherry and Bunny will both be out in March and then Cat in April.