Rose Museum JSK (◡‿◡✿)

I have had a shit week.

The weekend was nice. Saw the boyfriend.

Monday, did PCR with all new concentrations worked out.

Tuesday, took Mom to the ER and other appointments so the day was wasted. I am glad she got some help.

Wednesday, discover my PCR failed for a THIRD time. Still troubleshooting. Come home to loopy-as-heck-Mother (thanks to new meds, plus her usual habits of not eating enough and drinking too much).

Today, an overnight growth I set up did not grow, and then science club meeting meant staying late AND once more, Mom was a special kind of loopy.

Finally, I see that Angelic Pretty has put Rose Museum on sale. I check the US site- my Rose Museum is still there, in both pink and ivory. I check the Japan site just in case….and it’s totally gone. Damn!

So I just buy it from AP USA with their $20 shipping.

I also got the headbow.  They even had tights that would go with it, but they were $40, and I do not trust myself to not instantly rip them up with my nails or bad luck.

This will be my first non-special set Angelic Pretty dress! That is pretty damn exciting. AND since this was all on sale, I actually have this entirely paid for.

A few months ago, I said the two dream dresses I was working towards were Rose Museum and True Rose Story. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (even though True Rose Story is a special set, but I am happy with it anyway).


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