Slice of life animes make me feel better about doing mundane chores around the house.

I want to live a cute life. I want to do some nice crafts, like jewelry making and embroidery. I actually looked up a tutorial on how to make a pearl chain necklace today. It looks easy enough, but I would need to buy the supplies. I am thinking of making a few to wear with dresses. As for embroidery…I learned how to do it at a very basic level growing up, but I haven’t done it in awhile. I don’t know what item I would embroider, or what design, but I kind of feel like doing it sometime.

I am feeling overwhelmed by the rest of everything in life. I want to go shopping…but I am waiting for certain nendoroids to be released so I can buy those…>_>

Did my taxes and I am getting a refund (yay!) but I am hoping to save that money like a responsible adult. I don’t know what things will be like this time next year, so I shouldn’t spend that money on fun things.


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