Happy Valentine’s Day!

I didn’t do anything today. I ate some cake that my brother’s new girlfriend (or maybe just lady friend? I am not sure how they are defining their relationship yet) made and tried to do lab work but it’s not going well.  Paid some credit cards off and then ordered more Meowchi plushies. :p I suppose that isn’t “nothing”, but whatever.

I feel a little sad seeing all the pretty outfits people wear to Valentine’s Day events. I guess I feel a little left out? But also, I feel too exhausted to do anything or dress up nicely. I forgot to put makeup on yesterday.

For online purchases, I am done after the next three items:

Victor Nendoroid
Hanamaru Nendoroid
Ruby Nendoroid

And then I am going on a No-Buy until June. I think I have preorders lined up for every month anyway. Some plushies in March, LESE dress in April, probably a lot in May, June and then early August. I’d rather not have anything expected past August, but I may end up ordering those remaining Nendoroids from Hobbylink Japan because I know they will hold stuff in their Warehouse for up to 2 months.

I think I should save some of the money I already set aside for Nakakon as well, since I am already buying lots of fun goods elsewhere.


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