Weekend Plans

I had a rambling post written up, but I think I want this blog to be more focused. So here instead is a post of my plans for the next few days.

Tomorrow – Women’s Council event and finalize Lab Meeting presentation

Friday – Lab Meeting (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ Also see if this round of PCR on a different thermocycler solved all my problems (since literally nothing else has worked).

Saturday – Take Mom to PT and then to the phone store to change phone plan.

Sunday – DRESS UP. The weather is supposed to get up to 71F, so maybe this is a good opportunity to go somewhere. On the other hand….what the heck, it should not be this nice in mid-February! u__u Weather gods, please make it be cold instead so I can appreciate March and April more!

Sometime during the weekend, I am going to sew some handkerchiefs and think of some cute designs to embroider. I found a cute tutorial for roses, so I want to try that at least.


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