Cherry Berry Cherry

New Kera came out, with more pictures of Angelic Pretty’s upcoming fruit prints!

Ribbon Berry Bunny in blue here.

I like the pink and the yellow. I guess red is a nice third pick, and I don’t like the blue at all. A lighter color of blue would have been nicer in my opinion. Oh well. This is pretty cute, but since I have effectively blown all my money on anime figurines and other stuff, I am going to refrain from this print for now. Maybe I can find it on sale or second hand, or there will be a special set later this year.

Creamy Cherry, huh?

At first, I didn’t like it, but now I think it might be okay. Again, I don’t like it enough to want to pay full price right away, but a special set later one might be worth it. I think the pink colorway is very cute, while the blue and black colorways are more mature and classic. I think a mint or lavender colorway would have been cute too. However, those are some BIG cherries on there.

I currently don’t have any fruit pattern dresses. This is why I am paying attention to these. Also, this means Romantic Cat will be coming out in April. I predict Cherry and Bunny will both be out in March and then Cat in April.


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