Back to ita hell?

I want to get back into the habit of dressing up, but it has been difficult since this year started.

Gave that pink F+F skirt another shot. It’s comfy and cute and I love it, but I don’t feel like I can coordinate it properly anymore. Anyway, here is a normal blouse (I think I got it at HM or Forever 21), the F+F Chiffon Lover’s Skirt in pink, black tights and shoes. The HM cardigans I got don’t match so I don’t have a proper pink cardigan STILL. Damnit. Also, my petticoat is visible under this skirt.

So this is a super freaking ita outfit, but I wore it out today anyway. I’m not calling it lolita (check the tags if you don’t believe me) and I wasn’t going to see anyone I knew today anyway. But I felt pretty and if this is just some kind of twisted princess/gyaru/otasa no hime mess, then I guess that’s what it is.

I am waiting and watching for boleros and blouses that are cute, would fit, and I can afford. I really want some blouses I can just wear with a skirt. I think so far, the only blouses I have that really go with these skirts (cause I have this skirt in blue and white also) are the F+F Chiffon Lover blouses, and even those aren’t the greatest. I think my best bet for blouses that fit would be indie shops like Lady Sloth. But my current issue is that I have spent too much on anime merchandise, so it’s all my own fault.



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