Embroidery Projects

I actually got started doing embroidery again yesterday. Today has been too hectic, with errands and lab and my boss suddenly being inspired by my project again (it helps that there was a very interesting piece of data I presented Friday).

I made some handkerchiefs on Saturday, and Sunday, I tried this rose tutorial out for the first time.

They look kind of blobby, and the first few were kind of bad looking. I probably need more practice and to get back into the habit a bit more. It was kind of relaxing to sew a little bit, and also keep an eye on Mom while she was in one of her moods (that is a long story I will not be sharing).

I am going to sketch out some vines and add some little leaves also. I only made 4¬†handkerchiefs, so I have 3 more to go before moving forward. My plan is to have handkerchiefs that I will keep with me when I wear lolita. In everyday clothes, I don’t have second thoughts about wiping my hands on my jeans. They’re jeans, after all, and I don’t care. But with my nicer clothes, I need to be more careful. The ones I made so far are only about 8×8 inches, so I think the ones I make in the future will be a little larger.


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